Limitless Recap: Side Effects May Include… 10/27/15

By on October 27, 2015


On the last episode, Brian continued to cope with the news about Rebecca’s dad dying on NZT while trying to avoid Eddie’s goons.

The episode kicks off with Rebecca absorbing the info Brian admits about her father. She realizes things are bad since her own boss kept all the secrets from her. They’re on their own and have to be careful. They try to work out a lead to follow while coming up with albis to ditch Boyle and ‘Mike and Ike.’ Afterward she gets called into her boss’ office and is questioned about what Rebecca knows about a Red Team vs Blue Team cyber attack practice. She wants Rebecca to lead it so she can advance her career. She says she’ll think about it. Later, Brian points out that it gives them time to get lost and her to get off their case.

Brian’s solution: acting as a drug addict. He checks into a rehab center. He finishes his stint quickly, then has an episode with blurred vision and a headache. He checks his symptoms since the reaction was severe, but there are so many options he gives up, figuring its NZT related. He goes to see Sands about it, and getting the shot to cure it. Sands says they wanted him ‘in the right frame of mind’- and to keep him in line about how much he tells Rebecca. They want her gone- not murder, but away from Brian. He suggests framing her, which would imprison her. Brian refuses. Sands notes there’s ways they can get to Rebecca whether Brian likes it or not.

Brian goes to work the next day and refluctantly takes the pill, realizing there will probably be severe side effects again. He works out that he needs to go see Eddie to try and work things out in order to stay alive and keep Rebecca out of danger. He infiltrates Eddie’s office to get his phone and succeds. He leaves, only to collapse. He wakes up back in his apartment. Meanwhile, Rebecca has arrived in the Red Team meeting. She makes a plan to mock-stir a mob panic and everyone is pleased with her results. She meets up with Brian. He has new info about her father. Everyone at rehab connected with her father all turned their lives drastically around for the better- and also went missing- all but her father. Beforehand, they had a meeting place. It was a building for a neuroscience company, Ubient. Brian plans to go find the people.

The next day, Brian looks awful as Mike and Ike arrive to give him the pill. He takes it, and Rebecca gives him her leads on Ubient. He goes to head out and runs into Boyle, and ends up hallucinating, missing whatever Boyle said. Boyle sensing something off, but lets it go and leaves. Brian heads to Ubient HQ and gets to the big wigs. They deny hearing about NZT. He asks to see the records of the man who created NZT, Andrew- and all the records that are connected to Conrad. They still deny knowing anything about it, and Brian spaces out in a withdrawal episode. At FBI HQ, Rebecca gets a call from Brian. He tells her about them denying NZT’s existence. Rebecca points out he sounds off, but he hangs up on her, still in the middle of his episode. He uses Eddie’s phone, then blacks out. He comes to next to Sands in a bar. Sands repeats the threat, and Brian blacks out again.

He wakes up agian, this time in his apartment with Rebecca hovering over him. He digs in his pockets and finds a note that reads that Andrew isn’t dead- but he has no idea how it got there. He needs to find the insider and get more information. He goes into work and takes the pill because he needs to figure out who gave it to him. He remembers that the female big wig touched his jacket and assumes she left him the note. He runs to go find her. Sure enough, he’s right. The big wig comes clean about Andrew’s history. She got a note from Andrew and figures he faked his own death. She tells him that Andrew is his best bet, wishes him luck, and hurries off. He leaves as well, forming a plan to find Andrew. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s boss notes the FBI director wants to meet her after hearing about her performance. Rebecca gets a call from Brian to follow the Andrew lead with an address he’s about to give her. Rebecca asks why he’s not coming, and Brian claims he’s sick. Rebecca knows better and realizes he’s having side effects and runs to help him as well as follow up with the address. She goes to find him after buying some time about meeting with the FBI director to find Brian is MIA from his apartment. She goes to Andrew’s supposed address. Andrew opens the door but pulls a shotgun on her, until she introduces herself and he realizes she’s Conrad’s daughter. Meanwhile, Brian collapses on a city street and wakes up with someone hovering over him. This time, it’s Eddie.

Eddie assures Brian he’ll be fine. Brian insists he won’t frame Rebecca. Eddie says he knows and understands- he just needed to see what kind of man Brian was. Eddie says he’s not worried about Rebecca. It’s about him. He doesn’t want an employee, he wants a partner. Eddie’s adamant that he’s not a real enemy, despite Brian saying otherwise with all the threats. With Rebecca, she speaks to Andrew, who says NZT didn’t kill Conrad. He denies inventing NZT, because he got an anonymous email with the ingredients for NZT and he just went with it. He goes on that he believes Conrad shared his NZT supply. He says that someone was clamping down on NZT to get it all for themselves, but he doesn’t know who. Rebecca goes back to Brian’s place to find him A-OK, and saying he’s fine. Brian apologizes for worrying her. Rebecca relays all the information she found out from Andrew, then gets a call from her boss. She fears she’s about to be fired about denying the director a meeting. She goes into the office to see her. Her boss, in turn, asks how long she had known ‘about her father.’ She goes on- NZT will change the world, and their group of agents needs to lead the case to keep everything manageable. She says she planned to tell Rebecca the truth about the file soon. Rebecca’s not sure what to think, but her boss has simply rescheduled the meeting with the director because Rebecca needs clearance to pursue leads about her father- clearance the director can provide. Back with Andrew, he receives a mystery package and the place goes up in an explosion- and it turns out the one who delivered it was Sands.



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