Minority Report Recap 10/26/15 Season 1 Episode 6 “Fiddler’s Neck”

By on October 26, 2015
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Last week‘s episode was up and down of emotion, but that end Vega is able to find some answere. Vega was struggling with finding out who killed her father many years ago. In a way it is one of the reasons she decided to become a police officer and detective.

What began as a misinterpreted vision from Dash of Vega dieing, led to a thrilling chase with major discoveries about the PreCogs. Beta testing before Pre Crime and Wally’s basement of the old equipment was surprising and a interesting new angle to the story. Beta testing seems to affected many lives, as they could have save those people’s lives. It tells another horrifying point of PreCrime being used.

Agatha telling Arthur about the milk bath schematic initially led him to cut off Dash. However, Vega’s plea to Arthur explaining how she would never hurt Dash or them and how she needs his help to find her father’s murder, somehow appealed to Arthur to actually help. His reunion with Wally was special to watch, as Wally was truly the only one who seemed to actually care for the PreCogs lives during the PreCrime years.

Vega at the end of the episode last week was the verge of killing Dina Walters for murdering her father. This was the lowest and angriest point we see Vega so far in the series, and if she pulled the trigger it would have detrimentally effected her life. However, her detective character kicks in to do the right thing, and handle the situation properly especially when Dina’s son comes into the scene with a gun.

Vega gets to share a moment with her mother at the end by giving her the watch, which she retrieved from Walter’s institution Revive.

In tonight’s episode, Dash and Arthur think a young, sick girl living in a community that eschews the use of modern technology is in danger.


The setting is Fiddlers Neck Island, 8 months after the PreCogs are set free from PreCrime. Agatha talking to man who owns a white horse. His name is Brian and they begin to connect.

Meanwhile, in the present on Fiddlers Neck Island, Agatha has a vision of a upcoming death. Different to Dash and Arthur, when Agatha sees visions she becomes the victim, and sees Brain and wife looking at her as she collapses. The victim is going to be Brian’s daughter, Katie.

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