Minority Report 10/12/15 Recap Season 1 Episode 4 “Fredi”

By on October 12, 2015
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Last week on Minority Report, we saw Vega and Dash able to stop yet another murder happening, with unexpected discoveries they found about the suspect, who ended up being the actual victim.

'minority report recaps'

Mark Massero was seen in Dash’s vision murdering someone by a bloody stomp on the side of the road but at the end the episode they realize he was being given a high dosage of medicine by a psychiatrist, which was the cause of his erratic behavior.

We also see Agatha is beginning to create her own plans in order to save her brother Dash, from the horrifying vision she keeps seeing; them all back in the milk bath under Vegas supervision.

We have the complete recap from last week’s episode of Minority Report here!

Tonight we may learn more information about Agatha’s plans. Also, what new murder vision will Dash see?


Dash interrupts Arthur at his home, as he is with his girlfriend. Dash wants to know what is Agatha planning. Arthur doesn’t say but he warns Dash that they are at high risk with him working with the police under Vega due to Agatha’s vision. Dash disagrees as he believes Vega can help him.

At the FBI headquarters, Blake says Dash will be working side by side Vega due to his good work. He still doesn’t know about Dash’s real identity. Vega and Dash talk, as she says he should try to meet someone. They talk about their work so far together, before Dash gets a buzz on his wristband.

Meanwhile, Agatha is meeting with Charlie in a restaurant. She gives him a package and instructions in order to finish a job. He refuses again to do it, but she deliberately sat in front of a police officer because she knew he would be there at restaurant. Because Charlie could get caught again, he listens and takes the package.

At Wally’s, Vega, Akeela, and Dash watch his vision. The vision is a murder from a confrontation, and from the face images and clues, Akeela gets three names. The murderer in upcoming vision is Cayman Bello, a wealthy owner. They do not know the victim though.

Vega and Dash go to Bello’s high class dinner party undercover, in order to find any clues on him or see who will be the victim. Dash notices a statue from the vision, and then a girl named Fredi starts talking to him. She works at his foundation and is his assistant. They are talking, even flirting for a bit and Dash notices a bracelet on her wrist, the same from the vision meaning she will be the victim.

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