Scandal Recap 10/22/15 – Olivia Makes a Confession – Cyrus Returns to the White House

By on October 23, 2015
'scandal - 10/22/15'
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Scandal continued with the Olivia/Fitz romance as the country continues to slam Olivia and look for a reason to impeach the President of the United States.

'scandal - 10/22/15'

It is the 5th episode of the season and we at Have U Heard are ready to move forward. While other story lines have appeared in the background of the hit series, Olivia and Fitz need to move forward, get back to work and add the mystery and intrigue we love about the series.

In a shocking move, Olivia hires Leo (Paul Adelstein) to play the fixer and help Olivia get the country to see she is human. With Fitz and Olivia’s romance out in the open, Fitz’s presidency is up in the air.

We see Cyrus (Jeff Perry) relish in the down fall of Olivia and Fitz. His husband, Michael is worried about Cyrus but Cyrus is just interested in watching the empire fall. Mellie is assisting with the downfall by voting to open the investigation which could end up impeaching Fitz, before she was fired from the committee for conflict of interest.

Leo’s plan for Olivia is to paint the picture of Olivia and Fitz’s grand love story only Olivia doesn’t want that – she wants an Olivia makeover. Leo wants to know everything, did Fitz ever give her anything and Olivia says no. Only he did. He gave her a ring.

Leo suggests they need someone to speak out on her behalf and who better than Olivia’s ex-fiance. Edison. Edison meets with Olivia and calls her a “a criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar.” Edison agreed to help Olivia if she told him the whole truth – did she ever love him? Olivia relented, and Edison went on national television for her.

Patty Snell stepped in to help on Fitz’s behalf. First order of business? Abby told the press that Fitz had nothing to hide, and he would testify if need be. Patty didn’t want Fitz to have executive privilege. Fitz’s team sent thousands of files to the committee.

Just when Olivia thought Leo’s plan was going well, the media found out about the ring Fitz gave her. Mellie leaks it to the news. Leo was pissed that Olivia didn’t tell him everything and Olivia is going to have to go on television and play the love struck teen.

The committee investigating Fitz and Olivia corner Marcus and tell him he is going to spy on Olivia and company or they will destroy his life.

Olivia pays a visit to Jake (Scott Foley) and meets Elise. Jake lets Olivia know once she goes on the interview she will be tied to the White House and Fitz for good. Olivia doesn’t like to be tied to anyone. Before she left, Jake told her to just tell everyone how she felt about Fitz. Step out into the sun.

Olivia went on the air and talked about the ring. When asked if she regretted her relationship with Fitz, Olivia said, “I wish I never laid eyes on him.” If she had never met Fitz, she wouldn’t have fallen in love like she did. Her loving Fitz hurt her family and friends. She fell in love. That was her fatal flaw, and at the end of the day, nothing could or would change her feelings for Fitz. She couldn’t be a hypocrite anymore. She had to “stand in her truth.”

Meanwhile, Huck and Quinn weren’t totally relying on Leo’s plan. They wanted to forge a plan to swing votes in the committee toward Olivia’s favor by any means necessary. Marcus told the crew what the committee wanted him to do, and he was still totally Team Pope. Marcus is actually playing spy for Pope and Associates and finds out the committee has the video of Olivia and the kidnapping debacle. If the video got out, or if the public knew Fitz watched it, going to war for the love of your life was an impeachable offense.

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