Scandal Recap 10/8/15 – Mellie Declares War on the President and His Mistress – Season 5 Ep. 3

By on October 9, 2015
'olivia and fitz scandal season 5 ep 3'

All it took was a simple, “Yes” to the question, “Are You the President’s Mistress?” for the millions of Scandal viewers to tune in for another week of drama and for the fifth season of the hit series to leave us wanting more, more, more and it’s only the third episode of the season.

'olivia and fitz scandal season 5 ep 3'Se

When Scandal last left off, Olivia Pope received a message from the President of the United States that he was going to work things out with his wife. Upon hearing the message, Olivia Pope answers the hundreds of reporters outside her home with a simple, “Yes” to the question, “Are You the President’s Mistress?” The result…..all hell breaks loose in the White House, as Mellie and Fitz have just taped an interview saying how much in love they are and there is no truth to the President having a mistress.

Abby burts into the interview, breaking it up saying there is a crisis. In reality the crisis is that Olivia Pope has confessed to being the President’s mistress. Now what? Olivia shows up at the White House, Fitz wants to confess to being in love with Olivia, Mellie declares war on Olivia and calls Cyrus in to help her and Abby is beyond furious at Olivia for not letting her best friend in on the secret that she and the President are having an affair.

The episode goes back and forth with us guessing as to whether the President and Olivia will finally be allowed to be together. While this is going on throughout the episode there were some scenes that you just could not miss – making this a classic Scandal episode.

Mellie and Olivia in the Closet
Olivia meets up with Mellie while she’s searching for some hidden hooch. They have a frank conversation where Mellie lets Liv in on the life she has in store for as she stands next to the president, including her ‘little business’ will no longer be. She will basically be arm candy and do a lot of smiling. There will be no more Olivia Pope, the fixer. She also tells her that any additional hooch she may happen to dig up in the White House can be considered her parting gift.

Jake saves the Internet
Jake walks in on Huck and Quinn fielding thousands of calls and Huck about to erase the Internet, he stops them both and whips out a bottle of vodka. The three of them get drunk. A short time later, Jake gets a call from Olivia, who says she may have made a mistake. Jake offers to be there for her – all she needs to do is say the word. Olivia answers him by saying good bye.

Another Balcony Scene
Olivia advises Fitz to take Mellie back. They can wait 18 months until he’s done his term. Later, Fitz apologizes to Mellie for how he’s treated her over the years and thanks her for getting him where he is today. Fitz lets her know that she is going to be the first woman to be President of the United States.

Cyrus Asks for His Job Back
After a lot of back-and-forth, Cyrus lets Fitz know that Mellie will do a TV interview with him. He also wants his old job back. Fitz listens to Cyrus and short of telling him, “when hell freezes over,” the answer is NO.
After Fitz tells Cyrus that he can go now. Cyrus goes straight to Mellie and tells her that she got played by the greatest politician in the world. This gets Mellie thinking.

With only a few minutes until the interview, Mellie backs out of the interview and leaves the White House. We see her in a car with Cyrus.

Abby makes a beeline to the White House briefing room. Olivia lets Fitz know that she’s going to throw her under the bus. It’s their only move. Olivia orders Fitz to sit down and let this happen. She wants him to watch her choose him.

Setting us up for more than a love story, we see Papa Pope is back on the scene. When we learn the Louvre is on fire and the only thing being covered by the news is Fitz’s silence about a presidential affair. Jake pays a visit to Papa Pope in prison and lets him know about the Louvre.

The Louvre being on fire is a new mystery. Does this mean Papa Pope will have to be released from prison to help “save the world?”

What do you think about this week’s episode of Scandal?

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