The Voice 2015 Battle Rounds Recap 10/20/15 – Season 9 Battle Rounds Night 4

By on October 20, 2015

The Voice “Battle Rounds” enters it’s fourth night tonight, October 20, 2015. We will see the coaches enlist the help of the music industry’s top recording artists to offer their knowledge and skills as advisors.

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Adam Levine teams up with John Fogerty, Blake Shelton with Brad Paisley, Gwen Stefani with Selena Gomez, and Pharrell Williams with Missy Elliot.

In this phase, the coaches pit two of their own team members against each other in a dueling duet. After the vocal face-off, each coach must choose which artist from their team is the strongest, and has the option of stealing losing artists from an opposing coach. Each coach has two steals during the battle rounds where their artists will proceed to the knockout rounds.

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We will be updating the judges comments and who won the battle rounds so be sure to come back!

Team Adam
Contestants: Shelby and Amanda
Results: Blake said that he loved it, and said its impressive that Shelby is able to hit and hold high notes with no vibrato. Pharrell said he was amazed by their performance and the control they both had on the huge notes. Gwen told Shelby that she “filled the room up” and agreed that she has a beautiful voice. But, of course, Adam’s opinion is the only one that matters and he ultimately decided that although both ladies were amazing, Shelby would be the winner.

Team Pharrell
Contestant: Amanda and Jubal, and Amy
Results: Gwen said the performance was “so beautiful” and said that while Amanda and Jubel have such powerful voices Amy’s is airy and delicate. Adam acknowledged how slightly awkward it was on stage having a couple sing with a singleton, but said that Amy was able to hold her own very well. Blake said that Amy’s rejection during the Blind Auditions was the most hurtful rejection he’s received on the show and he doesn’t know how Team Pharrell could move forward without her. Pharrell ultimately decided that Amy was the winner.

Team Blake
Contestants: Morgan and Emily Ann
Results: (Guys, Blake is screwed – I have no idea how he is going to make this decision. I’m anticipating a huge steal here.) Pharrell asked the ladies what they thought of their performance (the answers “good,” and “fun”) and then said that was all he had for Blake because they were both amazing. Gwen told Amy that her voice was “knocking her over,” while she loved Emily Ann’s stage presence. Adam told the ladies it was hard to decide what he enjoyed more – the performance or the fact that Blake screwed himself by putting them against each other. Blake wrapped things up saying that although Emily Ann had a slightly difficult time in rehearsal coming out of her shell it all fell away on stage, while Amy was hitting “Carrie Underwood” notes. He also said he was heartbroken and there is “vomit inside of his throat” before Carson told him that he needed to make a decision… and he said Emily Ann would be moving forward because that’s who he thinks he can make the biggest difference with.

And then Pharrell came in with the steal – of course. And Emily Ann was adorably psyched for her backstage which was fantastic to see.

That’s that! Come back next week!

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