The Voice 2015 Battle Rounds Recap 10/12/15 – Season 9 Premiere of Battle Rounds

By on October 12, 2015
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The Voice “battle rounds” premieres tonight, October 12, 2015. We will see the coaches enlist the help of the music industry’s top recording artists to offer their knowledge and skills as advisors.

'the voice recap 9/29/15'
Adam Levine teams up with John Fogerty, Blake Shelton with Brad Paisley, Gwen Stefani with Selena Gomez, and Pharrell Williams with Missy Elliot.

In this phase, the coaches pit two of their own team members against each other in a dueling duet. After the vocal face-off, each coach must choose which artist from their team is the strongest, and has the option of stealing losing artists from an opposing coach. Each coach has two steals during the battle rounds where their artists will proceed to the knockout rounds.

We have the spoilers for The Voice Battle Rounds here.

The following are the people who will be pitted against each other during the premiere of the battle rounds:

We will be updating the judges comments and who won the battle rounds so be sure to come back!

Battle Rounds:

First up is:

Team Adam Levine
Jordan Smith Vs. Regina Love
Song: Like I Can by Sam Smith

Rehearsal: Jordan Smith has a very different sound. Regina is 51 and once had a record deal with Evander Holyfield and is a radio host in Atlanta. Adam says the challenge is emotional. John Fogerty is really impressed.

Performance: Blake feels like he’s at the Grammys. He loves Regina’s control and passion. He calls Jordan’s voice from another planet. Pharrell calls the performance “Masterful” and compares it to “Game of Thrones” and trumpets. Gwen calls Jordan “unexpected.” Adam calls them both powerful, but generous. He’s starting to feel dumb putting them together, but Jordan wins the Battle. “Jordan can win The Voice,” says Adam.
The Winner of the Battle is Jordan.
STEAL: Gwen Stefani steals Regina. “You deserve to be in this competition,” she says.

Dustin Monk vs James Dupre
Song: “Fortunate Son”

Rehearsal: Adam paired them, because they have the same presence. John Fogerty calls Dustin a rocker, while James’ Americana style take on the song impressed him. John reveals it’s important to understand that the song is fiercely anti-war. John and Adam sing along during the final rehearsal.

Performance: This is another close battle. Blake thought James was the most consistent, but Dustin took more risks. James sang with more precision, so Pharrell would choose him. Dustin was more electric, says Gwen, but James was effortless. Adam says both singers are good and he is super proud of them.
James Wins The Battle. NO STEAL for DUSTIN.

Manny Cabo vs Keith Semple
Song: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who

Cassandra Robertson vs Viktor Kiraly

Amanda Ayla vs Shelby Brown

Andi & Alex vs Chance Pena

Team Blake:

Tyler Dickerson & Zach Seabaugh
Song: “I’m Going to Be Somebody” by Travis Tritt

Rehearsal: Tyler had a record deal at one point, but lost it and ended up working for his dad. Zach is a high school junior. He gave up football for music. Adviser, Brad Paisley, thinks Tyler has the Travis Tritt bad boy thing down pat, but Zach’s deep voice is a more traditionally country voice. Blake warns Tyler not to go through the motions on a familiar song. Zach needs to use his voice and connect to the song. Brad gives Zach tips on how to make the performance more heartfelt and earnest. Blake thinks Tyler might have the edge, but you never know. Blake thinks Zach’s performance improved in the final rehearsal, while Tyler is a little pitchy.

Performance: Pharrell noticed that Zach’s voice cracked at one point. Pharrell admires Tyler’s well-worn experience. So does Gwen. Adam felt Zach threw some notes away. Blake is proud of Zach. Blake felt Tyler was still phoning it in a little. Zach wins the Battle.

Keep reading to see what happens with the rest of the battle rounds!!

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