The Voice Season 9 Blind Auditions Night 5 Recap 10/5/15 – Spoilers

By on October 5, 2015
'the voice season 9 blind auditions season night 5'
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The Voice Season 9 continues with the fifth and final night of blind auditions.

'the voice season 9 blind auditions season night 5'

We have the performers for the final round and will be updating the show live so be sure to come back to Have U Heard and check for updates.

We also have the spoilers for The Voice Battle Round here!

Dustin Christensen
Song: Downtown Train by Tom Waits/Rod Stewart
Dustin was a four chair turn!!!
Judges Comments: Gwen: I can hear your talent. I would love to work with you. Adam: There were a couple of moments that can be approved upon. I thought you were fantastic. Pharrell: There was a lot of range. I thought it was super fresh. Blake: It sounds like Neil Diamond. You and I are the same person. Dustin chose Team Blake.

Berdine Joseph, 19 from Haiti
Came from Haiti when she was 9. Her parents wanted a better life for her. She was bullied a lot as a child.
Song: Hey Mama
No chairs turned around
Judges Comments: Gwen: said she was so cute. You had this amazing tone. You are adorable. Adam: there was one run that was so beautifully executed. I didn’t push because my team is almost full. Blake: you need to practice. You are a good singer, we need to know you are a focused artist. Pharrell: choose a song that allows us to see all the colors in your wings.

Dustin Monk, 27 from Jacksonville, Florida
Song: Bright Lights by Matchbox 20
Adam turned around and so did Blake
Judges Comments: Adam: those big notes that made Blake turn around super late….reminds me of myself. You have everything in your voice. I notice you have tattoos, they are fantastic. Blake: I heard a whole cob of brilliance. I’m a fan of yours dude. Gwen: your bravado is amazing. Team Adam

Dawson Dougherty, 17 from California
Song: Problem by Ariana Grande
Judges Comments: Adam: I heard the youth in your voice. Gwen: I thought it was creative. There wasn’t a lot of music and too much space. Pharrell: I enjoyed the arrangement. I needed you to committing to the vocals. Blake: you have the talent, you need to get a grip on the song.

Shelby Brown, 16 from Alberta, Alabama
Song: Stars by Grace and the Nocturnals
Four Chair Turnaround
Judges Comments: Adam: the brilliant moments were so brilliant. With one spot left – it was left for you. Gwen: You have intuition and power. Gwen: just because you like country music it doesn’t matter. I can help you discover who you want to be. Pharrell: you deserve all four chairs to turn around. Blake: when you can hit a huge note and soar with it – you have to be born with that. Come on my team and let’s make you a country star. Shelby chose TEAM ADAM.

Keep reading to see how the rest of the singers performed.

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