The Walking Dead Recap 10/25/15- Season 6, Ep. 3- Thank You

By on October 25, 2015
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“The Walking Dead” is back for season six and this could be, by far, the most epic season yet. With all of the walkers and everyone trying to keep them out, anything is bound to happen. You can keep up with “The Walking Dead” right here.  But that was season five and now, season six is ready to rumble.

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Let’s start with Daryl Dixon. It seems as though all he does is sit in a corner and look sexy but never says much. However, everyone always trusts him as somewhat of a leader, at least in my opinion and if he falls, they all will. It seems like Alexandria is a becoming a much safer place as Rick is becoming more comfortable with his surroundings. But that cannot last as Daryl finds so many angry walkers ready to come in and take over. And when I say “so many,” I mean way too many to even count. Instead of counting sheep at night to go to sleep, if you are a fan of “The Walking Dead,” maybe you should try counting walkers. The season premiere was one of the most anticipated premieres of the Fall 2015 season and there will be sixteen delicious episodes to sink your teeth in to.

There is a theory that everything that is going on with the series is actually all stemming from Rick’s coma but that would just kill the whole show. I have tried to comprehend where all these walkers have come from and why the people of Alexandria just cannot go to Mexico. The Wolves have also come out and they are preying on the residents of Alexandria. Only the brave will survive or the lucky in this situation. As for the future of the show, the Executive Producer David Alpert has commented that they have enough material from the original comics to last up until a possible tenth season and beyond. If the fanfare remains the way that it has thus far, with fourteen million viewers on average, watching season five, this show can last as long as they desire.

Keep reading to see what the walkers have in store for Alexandria tonight.

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