Blindspot Recap 11/16/15 Season 1 Episode 9 “Authentic Flirt”

By on November 16, 2015
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Last week Blindspot, the team were tasked with finding the killers of two police officers which was related to a tattoo on Doe. Throughout the episode flashbacks were not shown of Doe, but of Detective Mayfair and the origins of the mysterious Daylight operation.


It was another conspiracy revealed plot, as police officers Costello and Johnson who were within the same precinct had been laundering money and blackmailing people for years. They really caused the death of the two officers Garrigan and Schultz, by setting them up. Schultz was close to discovering Costello and Johnson’s corruption.

The episode featured modern themes about issues occurring in the world today. The background story of Garrigan and Schultz was that they were in the news recently for killing a unarmed black man. In the episode Doe is confused by how such a thing could happen, but Reade points out that it’s been happening a lot.

In the flashbacks with Mayfair major information is revealed about operation Daylight, that it was a surveillance program used by the NSA over U.S citizens to gather intelligence. The operation is classified as only Mayfair, Sophia, and Carter know about it as they implement it. However, in the flashbacks a person reveals NSA documents about the surveillance, which puts them at jeopardy. This can be thought similar to the actual events of the NSA leaks by Eric Snowden a few years ago.

Also, Mayfair is shown to have been in a romantic relationship with Sophia. With changing laws and thought regarding this subject, there has been an increase in positive thinking for same sex marriage in today’s society.

Tonight we may get closer to finding out the truth behind Doe, but maybe even the truth behind detective Zepata, who Carter is trying to blackmail.


A man and woman, are torturing a man to find information. He doesn’t give up anything and the woman kills him. Her partner is upset. Meanwhile, Patterson is met up by her ex-boyfriend. He wants to reconsider going back out, but Patterson wants to stay apart due to her job. Carter meets with Zepata and gives her a small but powerful bug to place in Doe’s safehouse. Zepata doesn’t want to but is threatened by Carter.

At the office, Patterson decodes words from a tattoo. She finds a online website called, Ruff Around the Ears, an appeared dog donation board. Reade points out criminals use these sites to hide their wrongdoings. By examining the thread they find a location for a “dog collar” drop off. The team goes to the house and a shoot out ensues with the man and woman. The man and woman are Bulgarian and they shout directions, which Doe can understand.

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