Blindspot Recap 11/23/15 Season 1 Episode 10 “Evil Handmade Instrument”

By on November 23, 2015
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Last week on Blindspot ended with a tragic ending for the team. Patterson’s ex-boyfriend David, mysteriously was found dead, which now leaves the team to search for the lady in red hair, who may be the key piece in discovering about the tattoos on Doe.

He spent the episode scoping out this lady, who he found reading through the book of codes that Patterson and him previously discovered due to a message from one of Doe’s tattoos. After that episode, Patterson decided to break up with David in order to protect him from getting caught up in her work. Looking at it now, it was a tragic foreshadowing of his death last episode.

Patterson may have chosen to break up with him, but it seems she still deep down loved him. They both had similar personalities of solving puzzles and learning about interesting facts. As the lead FBI researcher, she will now have to get revenge for David by finding this lady with red hair.

Before his death, the team was able to stop another criminal and Doe once again proved herself useful in the field. She and Weller were able to capture Enver in his hidden billion dollar mansion. Doe and Weller acted as a married couple to fool Enver’s security, but their connection grew stronger in the episode to the point they actually seem good for each other.

Although, Doe had more vivid memories of her past boyfriend the man with a tattoo on his forearm. Zepata once again did not obey Carter’s orders as she ripped the bug that was supposed to be placed at Doe’s safe house. Zepata realizes she made a mistake by accepting Carter’r bribe, but it will have major consequences for herself and Doe. Carter’s power as Deputy of CIA puts them all at jeopardy.


Patterson is with the FBI doctor, and she is going through the evidence to find the killer of her ex-boyfriend, David who was found with a glass shard in his jugular vein. The doctor recommends she take a leave of absence, but Patterson says she can’t be home as she’ll be reminded of David. Meanwhile, Mayfair visits Carter and is upset because he ordered for Guerrero to get killed. Zepata checks mail before going to work and receives a new bug from Carter and it says last chance.

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