Blindspot Recap 11/9/15 Season 1 Episode 8 “Persecute Envoys”

By on November 9, 2015
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Last week the team faced their toughest situation, which could’ve left them all dead. It was not expected that a small town called Dracklin in Michigan, would reveal the identity of the #2 FBI’s most wanted Saul Guerrero.

In tonight’s episode we may learn more about the operation Daylight and what exactly was Saul Guerrero, Detective Mayfair, and CIA Director Carter’s secret involvement with it. After the team returns with a captured Guerrero from their chase through the woods of Dracklin, Weller realizes that Mayfair has been lying about something potentially important.

When he sees that Guerrero couldn’t recognize Mayfair during her interrogation of them and refuses to say anything, Weller proposes that Guerrero may be the one who is getting set up. Mayfair ended the episode saying only 3 people know what she’s about to say about operation Daylight, making the circumstances much more extreme.

What we and Weller find out about Daylight in the upcoming episodes could change the fate for the team from Zepata, Reade, Patterson, to at last Doe. Her tattoos seem to be growing and Patterson’s discovery of the tattoo about Guerrero helped shed light on Daylight.

Patterson was close to getting fired by Mayfair, when Mayfair found Patterson working with her boyfriend on analyzing one of Doe’s tattoos. It’s ironic because they were getting close to something big regarding the tattoo, and their relationship seemed to be reaching the next step. However, being caught not only caused her to get fired, but Patterson now seems to think it’s best to break it off with her boyfriend.

The potential mysteries and conspiracies that are in store for Blindspot are going to interesting but more importantly fun to watch unravel. We may not learn about the reasoning for Doe’s tattoos this season 1, but we may learn a huge step from what Daylight has in store.


The setting is 5 years ago, and a younger Mayfair is meeting with two people, Deputy of CIA Carter and a woman named Sophia, Deputy in the government. They are sent in a basement, and are surprised to discover that they are about to meet with the Chief of Staff.

In the present, Weller and Mayfair argue about Daylight. Mayfair tells Weller that the operation was under the NSA and meant to gather intelligence through civilian surveillance. She organized ways for Guerrero to gather secret intelligence, unknowing to Guerrero who Mayfair actually is. Weller is angry saying it is illegal, but Mayfair says it worked because they were able to arrest many criminals.

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