Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” Hidden Meaning Revealed

By on November 5, 2015

britney spears

Did you ever wonder the meaning behind Britney Spears first smash hit “…Baby One More Time” if there happened to be one? I know that I jammed out to it in high school and used it as the song for the boy that I wanted to come back into my life. I wanted him to “hit” me with his love one more time. The video had more controversy than the actual lyrics at the time as Britney’s love interest happened to be her cousin. Weird. She had also mentioned that the whole schoolgirl concept was her idea and the director just went with it. But, what did the song really mean? As an adult, if you listen to the song again and with so much domestic violence in the world, the lyrics could be considered questionable.

John Seabrook is an author who has taken on many songs in the new pop anthology “The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory” where he addresses the hidden meanings behind such songs as “…Baby One More Time.” He went directly to Max Martin and Rami Yacoub, who penned the hit, to get the real story. According to the Swedish duo, the term “hit” is actually slang for “call.” So, the song is not dirty, at least that is what Martin and Yacoub would like us to believe. A girl is waiting for her boyfriend to call her back and that is what all the fuss has been about. But think about it: Call Me Baby One More Time would just not have been as catchy nor as taboo as “Hit Me” so I see what they did there. I know that you are all imagining the song had the slang not been used and I am too and I probably will every time I hear the song come on to the radio or my iPod. Yes, it is on my iPod. So, now my question for you is: do you believe this? Do you think they are making the song sound more tame than it really is? Let us know! Hit us readers one more time!

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