Charlie Sheen Confirms HIV Positive Diagnosis on Today Show – Says He Was Blackmailed

By on November 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen has confirmed he is HIV Positive during an interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show. The diagnosis comes as no surprise since the internet has been abuzz for the past 24 hours with rumors of the stars health, who knows he has the disease and the possibility the actor was forced to make the admission before it hit the cover of the National Enquirer on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

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Prior to Sheen sitting down with Matt Lauer, information about the actor’s diagnosis and how it was being handled starting emerging. Below you will find what we knew about the diagnosis from the initial buzz:

  • Charlie Sheen knew he was HIV Positive for at least 18 months (when it was found out by the press)
  • His ex-wife Denise Richards knew of the HIV diagnosis since Sheen found out
  • Sheen got the disease following his marriage to Richards
  • Ex-wife, Brooke Mueller is aware of Sheen’s diagnosis and reportedly went on a drug binge after finding out.
  • Sheen has multiple lawsuits against him, following the diagnosis
  • Sheen continued to have sex with women following the diagnosis

Sheen confirmed he is HIV Positive. What we have learned from the interview on The Today Show:

  • Charlie has known he is HIV Positive for the past four years – he had horrible headaches and night sweats leading to a hospitalization where the diagnosis was given.
  • Sheen was blackmailed and has paid a number of people over the past four years to keep his diagnosis a secret. He has paid out close to $10 million to those who have blackmailed him.
  • Sheen hired a prostitute who then blackmailed him by taking photos of his medicine and threatening to sell it to a tabloid.
  • Sheen had unprotected sex since the diagnosis with two women who were under the care of his doctor.
  • Sheen did not use needles and that is not how he contracted the disease. He doesn’t know for sure how he got it.
  • Sheen claims he made all of his sexual partners aware of his condition following the diagnosis.
  • Sheen divulged his diagnosis prior to having sexual relations with anyone.

Charlie Sheen’s doctor spoke about the diagnosis. The doctor said Charlie does not have AIDS. Individuals who have an undetectable level of HIV can transmit the disease, but it is highly unlikely.

The doctor expressed his concern for Charlie with regard to his drug use and depression as a result of the disease, rather than the disease itself. Sheen said he no longer does drugs but he does still drink.

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