Dancing With the Stars Season 21 – Season Finale Recap 11/24/15 – The Winner Is…..

By on November 24, 2015
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We are reunited with everyone via a giant float boat that Gary Busey is the captain of, of course. It’s all holiday themed and all the dancers are at pro status. It is like being at a Disney World parade and it is so amazing while Erin Andrews welcomes everyone to The Grove while Tom is back in the ballroom. We get to see our three finalists and it looks as though they are in shock that they have made it to the finale but now, we revisit last night and how amazing it was. Chaka Khan now takes the stage outside to sing “I’m Every Woman.” After, we have to go back to the beginning of the season to see how far everyone has come and it is so cool because I cannot believe how many people danced this season and did so well but there can only be one winner. It was sad because on TV night, Kim Zolciak-Biermann was told that she had to withdraw but now, she and partner Tony, can perform their long-awaited “I Dream of Jeannie” dance. Now the pros take the floor for an entrancing dance and it makes me want to be a dancer and as a preview for the show that goes on the road.

The producers decide to put Tom Bergeron on the spot with a compilation of his best moments to “The Safety Dance.” Following them, we have Paula Deen and Louis Van Amstel with her “Gilligan’s Island” dance which is super fun because everyone just seems so elated to be back, even though she has no rhythm at all. We reflect back on the relationship that has formed between Carlos and Alek and it is so cute; major bromance, especially when they went to get waxed together. Speaking of Carlos, he is back with his “Magic Mike” routine and he is one hot man; it’s like an all male revue and I am a fan. Nick and Sharna take the floor to the theme of “Downton Abbey” and are so graceful; he wants to win this and I have seen him grow from a boy to a man. She talks about how proud she is of Nick but that she wants everyone to win. And now we have Victor Espinoza performing with Karina Smirnoff but then it is back to the outside where Andy Grammer is performing his latest single and I am so happy because I love him.

Alek and Lindsay welcome us back with a dance to “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey and it looks like he still cannot believe that he is standing there despite being a hero. And now time for the outtakes. Hilarious and of course that means that Gary Busey and Anna will be performing. He’s the male Paula Deen when it comes to dancing and then we re-visit the switch up with the most memorable year of their life as well as the guest judges who have been there through the season. Time for Elle King with her smash hit “Ex’s and Oh’s.” Hayes and Emma welcome us back from commercial and he is just too adorable as Erin stands with Santa Claus. Santa has an announcement to make and it is that Hayes will be going on tour with DWTS in select cities. We go back to the past few weeks and the best moments and of course, the sad eliminations of Alexa and Tamar having to withdraw. Alexa and Mark perform their jazz routine to “Breaking Bad” and then we watch a mockery of the night before Christmas with Gary Busey as Santa, Paula Deen as Mrs. Claus and Victor Espinoza as an elf.

Bindi and Derek now take the dance floor and she is blindfolded. Is there anything that this girl cannot do? They are dancing to Mark Ballas’ band and they are just rocking it. The cast members now talk about what they are grateful for and a lot say family as well as good friends who have been by their side. Chaka and Andy do a Christmas duet and it is so adorable while snow falls and the pros dance around them. We finally get a message from Len Goodman, who was not on this season and we missed him. He reminds everyone that they need to dance their hearts out and he will be back next season, which is some of the best news of the night. Time for the fusion dance challenge, which they only had twenty-four hours to complete.

  • Salsa/Tango- Nick and Sharna: they realize that it will be their last time in their rehearsal room; only the judges numbers will count when it comes to these dances that they started literally after last night ended. It was pretty insane and Nick threw down with this one. Judges: Julianne: left it all on the dance floor and she loved watching him all season; Bruno: always know he will spice up the night; Carrie Ann: sad that this is over but he has been so wonderful to watch and did his last dance so amazingly well. Scores: 30/30.
  • Rumba/Tango- Alek and Lindsay: this has been so much fun for Alek and the fastest three months ever and they really will miss each other. Their chemistry is so amazing and off the charts. I am surprised that he is in love with Emma over Lindsay. Judges: Bruno: Alek’s hips are finally coming alive but he can tell that he is nervous but Alek has achieved so much and showed determination; Carrie Ann: integrity all around; Julianne: better tonight than last night, his future is so bright based on everything that he has done. *Alek has just announced that he will be joining the DWTS tour, which Tom almost let slip* Scores: 27/30. They couldn’t have given them a perfect score for the last night? What is that about?
  • Cha Cha/Argentine Tango- Bindi and Derek: in everyone’s rehearsal room, there was a photo of the finalist’s first dance. Derek loves seeing Bindi and how she takes everything in life, good or bad, and is just happy about it. Judges: Carrie Ann: perfect way to end the season and this has been her favorite season because of Bindi; Julianne: everything that they needed but she has been pure joy the whole season; Bruno: sensation. Scores: 30/30.

It is time to calculate all of the points to determine who the winner of season 21 is! Who do you think it will be? I want Bindi to win! This would be so perfect for her as Alek is going on tour and Nick has a baby on the way. This would just be her dad’s gift shining down on her and she was always so happy throughout the entire season. Everyone is now outside and finalist Nick Carter is performing his new single “I Will Wait” as a way to send off the season with flashbacks in the background.

  • 3rd place: Alek and Lindsay
  • Runner-up: Nick and Sharna

Are you as thrilled as I am with the results???


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