General Hospital Recap for November 23 to November 27, 2015

By on November 29, 2015
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This week on General Hospital…..Someone returns from the dead while someone else passes on; everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.

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At General Hospital Anna is at her appointment with Andre, talking about Duke’s death. She relieves Duke’s painful last moments before finally admitting that she killed Duke. Andre realizes this is the guilt that Anna has been carrying. He assures her that he will keep her confidence; he is her doctor and wants to treat her. Anna thanks him, but later on the docks, she sees Carlos. She runs after him, wondering if he is a ghost, but when she finds a necklace with the names “Carlos and Sabrina” engraved on it, she knows he is alive.

Michael and Sabrina pack up her stuff. Michael is so happy about the baby, but wonders why Sabrina cancelled her sonogram appointment. Sabrina is about to tell him that the baby may not be his when Michael gets a frantic call from Kiki. Michael runs out, leaving Felix to ask Sabrina why she almost confessed to Michael. Sabrina is confident their love will survive the truth. Later she opens the door, thinking Michael has returned, and gets the shock of her life. Carlos! Sabrina faints rather delicately, slowly sliding to the floor. Carlos catches her—and sees her pregnant belly. The look of delight that crosses his face is unintentionally comical.

Carly goes to the gym to tell Sonny that Morgan is probably with Kiki—and he has been covering for her all along. He must have known that Kiki caused Carly’s accident. Sonny wants to go with Carly to look for Morgan, but settles for having a heart-to-heart with Epiphany instead. Epiphany knows how hard it is to see your child spiral out of control; that happened to her own son. Sonny fears that he hurt Morgan by passing on his bi-polar disease.

Up at the cabin Kiki is terrified when Morgan marches outside with a shotgun. She hears gunshots and whimpers as Morgan returns. Morgan says he thought he saw someone but it was nothing. Morgan then tries to get all romantic with Kiki, but turns on her when Kiki admits she called Michael. Kiki says she is worried about him, but Morgan insists that he can protect her. Just when things get a little too intense between Kiki and Morgan, Carly arrives with Michael and Max. Max quickly subdues Morgan, who screams that he hates both Carly and Kiki.

On Cassadine Island Helena admits to brainwashing Jason, but it was the car accident that wiped his memories. Jason demands to know who else knew his true identity. Elizabeth panics, but is somewhat relieved when Helena suddenly faints—and dies! Nikolas is devastated, but Jason grabs him wanting more answers. Elizabeth pleads with Jason to leave with her and he does. Nikolas returns to Helena’s room to grieve for her, but we all wonder if she is really dead.

The next morning Sam returns home to Patrick. She immediately tells him that the Jason she knew is gone; he died that day on the pier. Helena didn’t steal Jason’s memories; the car accident did. Patrick wonders what would happen should Jason’s memory returns. Sam says it wouldn’t change anything. She loves Patrick now—and proposes to him. Patrick happily accepts, playfully asking where his ring is.

Sabrina wakes up to Carlos presenting her tea and toast—and the big question: is that my baby? Sabrina insists that it’s Michael’s, but Carlos reminds her of the last night they spent together. He is confident that child is his. When Sabrina asks him what happened to him, Carlos explained in very vaguely terms that circumstances allowed him to fake his death, but that he did not shoot Sonny! Sabrina is happy Carlos is alive, but she asks him to leave Port Charles—for everyone’s sake. After Sabrina leaves with Michael, Carlos vows to himself to be there for his child. He’s not going anywhere!

Paul and Ava are dressing for the day when Paul gets a message that Kiki has been arrested. Upset, Ava asks Paul to get the charges dropped, but Paul refuses. He doesn’t want to show Ava any favor and rouse suspicion. Meanwhile Nathan clearly feels pity for Kiki. He brings her a donut in lock-up, which gives Jordan proof that Nathan has to be removed from the case. When Nathan protests the thin connection between him and Kiki (Kiki is his sister’s roommate), Jordan insists that she will handle the case. Then again, there is no case because Carly arrives to drop all the charges (per a favor to Morgan). Ava also arrives to invite Kiki to spend Thanksgiving with her and Avery, but Kiki leaves with Carly instead.

At GH Bobbie brings Thanksgiving to Sonny, Carly, Michael, Sabrina, Morgan, Kristina (who rushed home from college when she heard about Morgan), and Kiki. Morgan is sullen at being in the hospital, but seems to agree to stay for observation. Sonny tells him how proud he is of him—and all of his children and how thankful he is for Carly.

Kristina leaves the Thanksgiving meal in the hospital to spend time with her mom and sister—and Julian, Olivia, and baby Leo. As Olivia unloads dish after dish from her car, Ava and baby Avery arrive. Olivia tries to throw them out, but Kristina appeals to Alexis to let them stay. She wants to get to know her baby sister. Later Molly is impressed when Julian lets it slip that he tried to convince Ava to have shared custody of Avery with Sonny. They all sit down to eat what Alexis claims is homemade, but everyone realizes is a catered meal.

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