General Hospital Recap for November 16, 2015 to November 20, 2015

By on November 21, 2015
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This week on General Hospital…Franco tries to protect Kiki; Sam is conflicted between Patrick and Jason while Jason searches for answers; and Hayden fears for her life.

'general hospital recaps'

At an undisclosed location Robin watches a live feed provided by her captors of Emma in the park with a strange lady. The woman attempts to lure Emma away by asking her to find her lost dog. Emma wisely refuses, but when the woman grabs her, Emma bites and kicks her. Relieved Robin warns her captor that Jason is back; and he will remember her and find her.

Tracy is meeting with Hayden to discuss their plan to take ELQ back from Nikolas when they hear Emma scream. Tracy rushes to help Emma, but the woman already fled. Tracy calls Patrick, who rushes to the park. Emma bursts into tears when she realizes that Sam and Danny may not be at home anymore. She fears that they will leave like Mommy did. Patrick, who begins to cry as well, promises he will never leave Emma. Poor kid. She’s having the worst day.

Patrick is also having a bad day. He finds Sam crying over Jason. Sam admits she kissed Jason, hoping it would jog his memory, but it didn’t. Upset Patrick asks what would have happened if he did remember. Did Sam forget that she is engaged to him? Would Sam just leave him and Emma without a word? Sam begs Patrick to talk to her, but Patrick rushes out to get Emma.

Sonny is super annoyed as contractors rush about his house making ramps and other changes to accommodate his wheelchair. Sonny wants everything to stay the same. He dares Carly to leave if she doesn’t like what he wants. Carly insists she is fully committed to this marriage, but Sonny throws his ring, saying that he has to be an equal or nothing at all. Morgan arrives with a big plan to seduce Ava and feed intel to Sonny, but Sonny thinks that is a ridiculous idea.

Still that doesn’t stop Morgan from going to Ava’s apartment where she is getting ready to take Avery to the zoo, but gets distracted by Paul and his lips. As Paul hides, Morgan attempts to sweet talk Ava, but she sees right through him.

Jason marches into Wyndemere to find Elizabeth with Nikolas. He threatens to give his shares of ELQ to Michael if Nikolas doesn’t confess to his part in Jason’s disappearance. Nikolas blames everything on Helena, of course. Later Jason jumps on his motorcycle and drives out of town. Elizabeth heads to the Drake residence to confront Sam. She asks Sam to give Jason some space and let him decide whom he wants. Sam scoffs; did Elizabeth forget that she is still married to Jason?

Julian and Alexis sit down for dinner when Lulu interrupts them by asking Alexis to represent her in a legal separation. Alexis reluctantly agrees. She resumes her dinner with Julian, only to be interrupted again by Olivia, who claims Leo is talking because he’s a “genius.” Later Alexis invites Olivia and Leo to Thanksgiving dinner.

Nina arrives at Crimson just in time to hear Lulu bad-mouth her. Lulu asks Maxie, who is thrilled to be back at Crimson, how Nina, who has never held a job, going to revitalize Crimson? Nina is surprisingly gracious to Lulu, probably because she knows Lulu is right. Nina asks Maxie how in the world are they going to save Crimson? Maxie has some ideas, which they present to Julian, but all he wants is for them to find a way to do things without money.

Dante is on a stakeout and is surprise when Valerie arrives. Valerie explains she is his ride-along-cadet. Things could be awkward, but they are not as they watch their target. Valerie eventually falls asleep on Dante’s shoulder, which Lulu unfortunately sees as she walks by.

Morgan stops by to see Kiki, who admits that she really wants to work, especially now that both Nina and Franco have jobs. Morgan suggests Kiki ask for a waitressing gig at the Metro Court. Nathan knocks on the door, wondering where Franco is. Kiki sends him to the hospital where Franco is receiving a psych evaluation.

Franco barely passes the psych eval with the new doctor. Dr. Obrecht interrupts, dragging Franco away. She is eager for him to resume his job, but Nathan interrupts to arrest Franco for Carly’s hit and run!

At Sonny’s house Sonny and Carly continue to fight. They eventually agree to work together as Epiphany arrives to being Sonny’s physical therapy. Sonny tries to take short-cuts, but Epiphany refuses to let him.

Carly stops by Ava’s penthouse to threaten her. She sees Avery’s blanket and realizes that Morgan brought it over. She then finds Morgan and brings him to the hospital for his own evaluation for his possible bi-polar disorder. It is there they watch Nathan arrest Franco. Meanwhile Ava is furious at Carly and even angrier when Paul accuses her of wanting to play house with Morgan. Ava screams that no one will take Avery away from her and she will bring Sonny down! Paul is thrilled with her reaction; so thrilled that he kisses her and they begin to tear each other’s clothes off.

The next morning Lulu finds Maxie at the Metro Court where she tells her that she saw Dante with Valerie in a car, snuggling last night. Maxie urges her to check Dante’s email and they find a text from Valerie thanking Dante for the great night. The two immediately assume Dante and Valerie are having another affair. Little do they know it was stakeout!

Upset Lulu marches to the PCPD to confront Dante while Maxie confronts Valerie at the Metro Court. Valerie explains it was a stakeout and she helped Dante catch a criminal! Embarrassed Maxie tries to contact Lulu to tell her to leave Dante alone, but it’s too late. Lulu tells Dante that she can’t trust him. To which Dante says, then there’s no future for them.

Elizabeth rushes to the Drake house to ask where Jason is. He didn’t come home last night. Sam doesn’t know, but she intends to go after him. Elizabeth asks Sam to give Jason some space—and let him come home to her. Sam scoffs. Did Elizabeth remember that he’s still married to her? Sam then kicks Elizabeth out, but Elizabeth later returns to announce that if Sam is going to search for Jason, she is coming along!

Jason appears on Spinelli’s doorstep, meaning he drove all night to Portland. Hm…He asks for Spinelli’s help to locate Helena. He feels that she has all the answers. Spinelli quickly locates Helena at the Cassadine Island in between telling Jason about their friendship. Jason doesn’t remember, but he is thankful for their relationship now.

Sabrina is uneasy when Michael gushes over their upcoming sonogram appointment. When Elizabeth arrives at the Q mansion looking for Jason, Michael heads to the PCPD to talk to Dante while Sabrina runs to the hospital to cancel her sonogram. She bumps into Anna, who is a mess. Sabrina can’t help asking if Anna has made any progress with Carlos’ killer. Anna then realizes she is under too much stress and goes to the new psych guy asking for regular appointments.

Patrick returns home to find Sam packing. She tells him that she is going to look for Jason, but assures him that she will come back to him. Patrick doesn’t believe that, but he hopes for the best. Later Patrick bumps into Sabrina and apologizes to her for making her wait while he chooses between her and Robin.

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