General Hospital Recap for November 2 to November 6, 2015

By on November 7, 2015
'general hospital'

This week on General Hospital…Elizabeth prepares to marry Jake; Lulu confronts Dante and Valerie; and Carly learns that Jake is Jason!

'general hospital'

At the Haunted Star everyone watches in horror as Andy the intern’s behind the scene footage of Valerie confessing to Dillon that she slept with Dante plays instead of Dillon’s sizzle reel for his movie. Nathan orders everyone to leave as Lulu demands answers from Dante and Valerie. She is horrified to learn that Dante slept with Valerie on the night Lulu was in Canada with Dillon. Valerie explained Dante thought Lulu had betrayed him. Lulu storms out and Dante follows her. Maxie realizes that Nathan knew about this all along. Valerie confronts Dillon, wondering how Andy got the footage mixed up—and suddenly wonders if Dillon played it intentionally. When Dillon doesn’t deny it, Valerie announces she wants nothing more to do with him and leaves.

Morgan and Darby find an empty stateroom where they proceed to get hot and heavy. Afterwards, they find the ballroom empty and learn what happened. Kiki looks at them disgusted when she realizes Morgan slept with Darby.

At the Floating Rib Jake is displeased to learn that Nikolas intends to bring Hayden to the wedding. He wants to disinvite them, but relents because Nikolas is Elizabeth’s best friend. Later Nikolas is bothered when Hayden says she has no issues with Jake. He has actually been quite nice to her.

At General Hospital Patrick assumes Elizabeth has cold feet, when in reality Elizabeth has a major case of guilt. Nearby Carly grabs Spinelli’s computer and is stunned to see Jason’s photo staring at her. It turns out that—thanks to Spinelli’s facial reconstruction software—Jake is really Jason! Carly leaves a message for Spinelli, who is on a flight back to Portland. She watches uneasily as Sam and Jake join Patrick and Elizabeth, joking about their fun night together. Carly then orders a secret DNA test using Jake’s water bottle. She calls a client from the Metro Court, promising him a lifetime of comped rooms. Apparently Dr. Schwamberg needs to use the hotel for certain discretions. He agrees to run a late night DNA test comparing Jake’s DNA to Jason. And what do you know—they are a match! Carly grabs the paperwork and runs out the door, eager to find Jake.

Back at the Haunted Star Kiki rips into Morgan. He crushed her soul; how can he move on so easily? Morgan admits he cares for her and Kiki confesses she still cares for him, even though she hates him. Morgan wants to drive her home, but Kiki slips away when Morgan gets distracted by Darby. Kiki drives erratically, and runs Carly off of the road.

In another part of the boat Maxie is angry with Nathan for keeping this secret from her, but realizes that Nathan did what he thought was best. She goes to the docks to find Lulu, who is weeping after a very ugly confrontation with Dante. She lets Maxie lead her away as Nathan prevents Dante from following them.

Elizabeth and Jake take a walk to the bridge, which used to be Jason’s favorite place. They kiss and Jake has a flashback. He thinks he has been here before, kissing Elizabeth. Of course he has, as Jason, but Elizabeth calls it deja vu and convinces Jake to spend the night elsewhere before their wedding—for good luck, of course.

Sam and Patrick are getting ready for bed as Sam leaves Spinelli a message asking him about the results of his facial recognition software. Emma enters, scared from a nightmare and Danny cries out. Sam and Patrick soothe the children and enjoy their family life together, unaware that it is about to be destroyed.

The next morning Elizabeth finds a “ransom” note in bed along with a rose. It says that Jake has been kidnapped and in order to secure his release, Elizabeth must 1) make chocolate chip pancakes and 2) marry him. Smiling Elizabeth comes downstairs to find the boys and Jake rehearsing the ceremony and preparing for Elizabeth’s surprise. Elizabeth wipes away the tears as she hugs them. Later Epiphany, Sabrina and Felix arrive to get the bride ready for her big day. They give her something blue (shoes), something borrowed/old (a coin purse from Epiphany who urges Elizabeth to put all her doubts in there and bring nothing but joy to the alter), and something new (champagne flutes to toast to her new life). Touched Elizabeth thanks her friends. How will she ever repay them?

Olivia stops by the Haunted Star where she learns that Dante slept with Valerie—and everyone knows it. Olivia begs Lulu not to do anything rash and runs out, looking for Dante. Meanwhile Dante returns home to find it empty. Valerie arrives to apologize and assure Dante that she was not the one who switched the footage at the party. Dante understands. He apologizes for hurting her and hugs her. Unfortunately Lulu returns home just at that moment. Before Lulu can ream Valerie, Valerie advises her to take responsibility in her own part in this and leaves. Lulu begins to throw clothes into a suitcase and threatens to take Rocco far and away.

Kiki wakes up to find herself with a major hangover and at home. Morgan hands her aspirin and water. Kiki doesn’t remember getting home, but remembers wrecking her car—and possibly driving someone off of the road. Morgan offers to take care of it for her, leaving her to cry and seek comfort from Franco.

Olivia stops by the hospital to tell Sonny what happened as Michael admits to Sonny that he and Sabrina are not engaged, but want to get know each other better first. Michael bumps into Jake, who asks where Carly is. He has an urgent message from her. Michael thinks Carly is at a salon getting her hair done. Unbeknownst to them, Carly is unconscious in her wrecked car. She wakes up to hear her phone ringing, but finds herself pinned in the car. She manages to unbuckle her seatbelt and to call Jake. Jake answers, but loses the connection when Carly accidentally drops her phone into a puddle!

Back at the hospital Jake expresses his concern to Sam. Sam alerts Sonny’s security, who track Carly’s phone to a location. Jake takes off before Sonny’s men can and finds Carly lying by the side of the road. Carly is so relieved to see him that she breathlessly whispers, “Jason, you found me!”

Scotty stops by the Floating Rib to find Ava trying to book a one-way ticket to Hone Kong. He has bad news for her: the custody hearing was moved to this afternoon! Livid Ava goes to the hospital to attack Sonny, who gloats. Both he and Ric are confident that Sonny will regain custody of Avery.

At Wyndemere Laura continues to give Nikolas the silent treatment. When Nikolas urges Laura to attend the wedding to support Elizabeth, Laura says she will support Elizabeth in her own way, which means going to see the bride as she’s getting ready. Laura begs Elizabeth to tell Jake the truth, but Elizabeth refuses.

Guests begin to arrive at the church. Sam and Patrick are chilly towards Nikolas and Hayden. Hayden sneaks off to talk to Elizabeth, hinting that her memory is returning. She wishes Elizabeth well before getting kicked out by Nikolas. As Hayden returns to her seat, Nikolas urges Elizabeth to grab this second chance at happiness and hold on. He reminds Elizabeth that she never had a chance with the old Jason, but does with “Jake.” Elizabeth fears that Emily would not like what they are doing, but Nikolas—with tears in his eyes—thinks Emily would want them to be happy.

Meanwhile guests begin to get antsy. Sam wonders where Carly and Jake are. She sends him a text. Epiphany, Sabrina, and Felix take the boys out for ice cream. Elizabeth wanders out of the bridal suite. She fears something is wrong…

Back at the crash site Carly reiterates that Jake is Jason. She shows him the proof: the DNA test and Spinelli’s laptop, which somehow did not get broken in the crash. Jake has difficulty believing Carly, citing that he feels nothing. He always thought he would feel something once he learned the truth about his identity. Slowly he realizes Carly is right, especially when she mentions Jake and Danny, his sons. Jake realizes he has to call off his wedding to Elizabeth and shows up at the church—with Carly—just as Elizabeth is assuring her guests that the wedding will happen.

Sonny and Ric are preparing for the custody hearing. Sonny is concerned that he can’t get a hold of Carly and calls Michael. Michael leaves the wedding to bring a suit for Sonny. Sonny rallies the troops to come to the courthouse. Meanwhile Ava presents Paul with a painting, which angers Paul. He says that people can’t know they are even acquainted. This angers Ava, who fears losing Avery. Paul, however, has a plan, which we don’t hear, but ends with Ava kissing Paul—which Anna sees.

Anna shows up at the hospital for a counseling appointment with Kevin. He refers to a new colleague, citing conflict of interest. The new guy, Andre, listens to Anna’s story of Carlos’ ghost haunting her, etc. He calls bull on her reasons why she can’t sleep and advises her to come clean or her guilt will never leave. Offended Anna storms out, but Andre is confident she will return.

What do you think, GH fans? Will Elizabeth admit she knew all along that Jake was Jason? Will Sonny lose custody of Avery because Carly is at the church with Jake? And which couple gives you the creeps: Ava and Paul or Morgan and Darby?


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