Grey’s Anatomy Recap 11/19/15- Things We Lost In The Fire

By on November 19, 2015
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“Grey’s Anatomy” has a new hottie doctor on board and he could be in line to replace the McSteamy’s and McDreamy’s that we have lost in the twelve seasons. You can keep up with this season of “Grey’s Anatomy” right here.


So, April has brought over a doctor named Nathan from her time in Jordan and apparently, he has a past with Owen. He starts working at the hospital as they needed someone of his capabilities but there is something so severe between he and Owen that could put the whole staff at the hospital against him. I think he is super cute so I hope he stays around for awhile. April thought that she and Avery were going to reconcile when he asked her to dinner but really, he wanted to talk to her about a divorce. Furthermore, Ben and Bailey want some alone time so they are eager to get Avery up and out of their house. April and Avery ended up sleeping together so clearly the date went a completely different way than initially planned. Callie and Penny are still together though Penny does not want her girlfriend to fight her battles for her when it comes to dealing with Meredith. Meredith still cannot get over the fact that Penny was the resident that let Derek die and I understand how she feels but she has to be professional.

A patient that they all loved and was waiting for a kidney finally got the call that there was one ready for him. Mr. Jaffe came to the hospital and everyone rallied around him but when he took his lucky hat off, they noticed that he had a huge bump on his head. If it was cancerous, he would not be able to get the transplant that he had been desperate for; he had even called all of his many grandchildren in. Then, it was Jo and Penny watching over the donor when Jo realized that they could use the donor to do a head transplant as well…and they did. It was really a magical moment and so special but tonight, it is the Winter Finale and anything can happen so let’s get this night started.

Meredith, Amelia, Alex and Jo are all driving to work and they are speculating about why Nathan and Owen do not get along. Jo is trying to stay in the loop but it is just not happening and then they think they see snow while everyone at the hospital is still speculating. Arizona jokes that Owen and Nathan were secret lovers while Callie and Avery are talking about pre-divorce options. Maggie is still sleeping with intern Andrew when she notices the snow as well. There is a major fire issue and the hospital will meet capacity with burn victims and firefighters. This is Bailey’s first major disaster and she has no idea what to do so she keeps looking through a binder which makes Webber laugh at her. He tells her to stand on the top of the stairs to make everyone feel more secure and as she is delivering the news to the hospital, he motions her up the stairs more. Dr. Avery is in charge and he lets everyone know that it does not matter what their specialty is, today they are all working in burns and plastics. Nathan comes to help Meredith and Penny on their patient and she demands that they get Maggie but he won’t leave. There is a rod through the patient and instead of waiting for anyone, Nathan pulls it out like it is just another day while Bailey checks on a patient who has been burned so many times that he is used to it. She lifts up his wound and she can see his heart; he has severe lung damage and only wants his other men treated first.

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