Grey’s Anatomy Recap 11/5/15- Season 12- The Me Nobody Knows

By on November 5, 2015
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“Greys’ Anatomy” is finally going to get the redemption fans desire for McDreamy’s untimely death. It may not be as cut and dry as we would like but I think that keeping the presence of Patrick Dempsey around in some capacity is what we all want. You can keep up with season twelve of “Grey’s Anatomy” right here.

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The dinner party from hell occurred over two episodes. Everyone got together for a dinner thrown by Amelia, Meredith and Maggie and they were so excited just to have a night to eat and chat. Unfortunately, Callie had a new girlfriend that she was bringing and it just so happened to be the resident who was on call when Derek was rushed to the hospital. This is the same doctor that Meredith blamed for Derek’s death and now…look who is coming to dinner and dating Callie who was also Derek’s doctor-in-crime. Callie was rushed away to the hospital leaving new love Penny to reminisce with Meredith who tried but could not contain herself once dinner started. This immediately angered Derek’s sister Amelia, knowing that she was breaking bread with Penny and her brother’s “killer” so to speak.

Meredith could not handle the dinner and Jo was feeling so out of the loop the entire night. It has been a rain on Jo season and maybe it is because she is with Alex but I really do not like the way she has been treated. Fortunately, she was able to rectify a miscommunication with Stephanie, somewhat, while Maggie is convinced that the intern, Andrew that she is having wild and crazy sex with, may have an STD. He doesn’t but she has to justify actually having a little fun with someone who is not a doctor yet. He’s hot so I am all for it and it has totally lightened her spirit. Callie returns and learns about the whole Penny situation as Arizona is getting drunk. It is then revealed that Penny is coming to Grey-Sloane as the new resident and this is no good. Meredith can handle the Penny that she would never have to see again but now, seeing her every day, could send her over the edge.

Tonight, Penny starts as a resident while  Richard wants his relationship with Maggie to evolve. At the same time, gossip follows a patient who mistakenly sent his sex tape to his congregation and April presents a case involving a boy from the Middle East.

Keep reading to see if shiny Penny can handle being the new girl everyone hates!

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