Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins Cast of The Walking Dead

By on November 10, 2015

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the newest addition to the cast of “The Walking Dead.” E! can confirm that the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star has been cast in the role of Negan on the hit AMC show. Though he can currently be seen on “The Good Wife,” the actor is most recognized to viewers as Denny, Katherine Heigl aka Izzie’s love interest who ended up dying then haunting the doctor. Denny, much to the dismay of his family, left Izzie eight million dollars which helped her develop a special wing at the then Seattle-Grace Hospital. He has also been featured on “Supernatural” and will play Thomas Wayne in the upcoming film “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” set to be released next year. Morgan, 49, who is married to “One Tree Hill” actress Hilarie Burton, will star on “The Walking Dead” on the season six finale. From there, he will become a regular cast member for season seven. The big question is how he will impact Glenn, if Glenn happens to still be alive though that is still up in the air. His name was written on those who have died in Alexandria then erased by his lady love and the now-pregnant Maggie.


Negan is a huge character when it comes to the comic book series of TWD as he is actually the one who kills Glenn. If they keep with the comic book, Glenn will eventually be dunzo no matter what we would like to believe. Has Negan already been in town and we just have not seen him yet, essentially being the reason we cannot find Glenn? But at the same time, if they stick to the comics, Negan will be taken down by leader Rick Grimes and his Alexandria posse and taken prisoner though I think that the writers will attempt to throw in some surprises to keep viewers interested and on the edge of their seats. Other actors that were considered were Timothy Olyphant and Matt Dillon but I think that this is perfect casting. What are your thoughts? Excited about Negan finally coming to town and about Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the part? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @haveuheard1 and do not forget to catch our “The Walking Dead” recaps every Sunday night!

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