Is Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking Causing Problems Over at the Tonight Show?

By on November 2, 2015
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Is Jimmy Fallon’s drinking causing problems over at The Tonight Show?

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Jimmy Fallon has proven to be quite the klutz the past couple of months – but is it just being a klutz or is there more to it than that? Is drinking the real issue? And is drinking what has caused the late night host to have his last few accident, one that nearly caused him his finger.

According to the Daily Mail, NBC is very worried about Fallon and is afraid his drinking may be getting out of control following The Tonight Show’s most recent injury where he hurt himself for the third time in four months. The most recent incident took place in Boston, Mass. while Fallon was accepting an award at Harvard. Jimmy had been ‘holding a bottle of Jagermeister’ and greeting fans when he tripped over a woman who had bent down in front of him falling and landing on the broken glass. We all know that accidents happen, but being as this is the third time the star has been hurt, sources say NBC is worried about the comedian’s drinking.

The latest fall was not nearly as serious as the fall in June, where Fallon almost had to have his finger amputated. Read all the details of Jimmy Fallon’s injury where he almost lost his finger.

Fallon himself has addressed the rumors by saying he has always been a klutz and even giving himself the nickname, Trippy during a monologue on The Tonight Show. He then followed up with a cute video of his daughter, making strawberries, hoping to distract everyone from the real issue, Fallon’s drinking.

Does Jimmy Fallon have a drinking problem? Is NBC suggesting he head to rehab? Something tells us that as long as the ratings on The Tonight Show continue to win their time slot, there is little that will be done to encourage Jimmy Fallon to curb his drinking.

What do you think about Jimmy and his drinking? Does the late night talk show host need help?

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