Khloe Kardashian Throws 36th Birthday Party For Lamar Odom In Hospital- Will It Be Filmed?

By on November 6, 2015
'khloe says she and lamar are not together'

'khloe says she and lamar are not together'

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is making it’s grand return for a new season very soon and it will follow Kourtney Kardashian’s split from baby daddy Scott Disick and Kim Kardashian West’s second pregnancy. But, we are unclear as to how Lamar Odom’s overdose will play in, if it is set to be filmed at all. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be chatter about it on the show along with Disick heading to rehab but one of the major stories will be the love triangle between Lamar, his wife Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend, James Harden. Harden is sticking by Khloe’s side, despite calling off her divorce from Lamar after he overdosed in a Las Vegas brothel, the Love Ranch and was believed to have a slim chance at survival. Khloe, 31, immediately rushed to Lamar’s side and that was when it was revealed that even though the two had signed their divorce papers, they were never officially divorced. That meant that Khloe had the daunting task of making all of Lamar’s life decisions. She eventually had him moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and the road to recovery will be a long one.

'lamar odom overdosed'

Khloe was scrutinized when she left California to watch Harden’s opening basketball game in Texas but I believe that she still needs to have an outlet, if she so chooses. In typical Kardashian fashion, as Lamar’s 36th birthday was approaching, fans were wondering what Khloe and company, including mom Kris Jenner would have planned. (Kris just turned sixty and daughter Kendall turned twenty.) A source has told People that a small party was arranged for Odom at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Kim and Kris are among those in attendance but will likely leave as Kris’ birthday party is set for this evening as well but we are unsure if cameras are being let in. Some close friends are phoning in while others are attempting to stop by the private room that Khloe selected before practices and such. According to the source, “It’s something very small and very short but will make him feel amazing. Then Khloé will be with him for the rest of the day. It’s just a very small group of people because Lamar cannot handle too much stimulus, but the doctors are allowing a small group for a short time on his birthday.”

Odom’s aunt JaNean Mercer sent out best wishes to her nephew via a statement: “Happy Birthday Lamar! We want to THANK everyone from around the world for your continued prayers and well wishes for Lamar and our family. Every birthday with Lamar is special but today is an especially momentous occasion and we honor GOD for this day and thank HIM for allowing us to spend this time together. Please continue to keep Lamar and our family in prayer as he continues on this miraculous journey.” We do not know if his daughter and son or ex, Liza Morales will stop by but if we can get a more finalized guest list, however small it may be, we will definitely share it with you. So, what do you think? Is this leading Lamar on or is Khloe just trying to support him in his recovery? Let us know!

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