Larry David Calls Donald Trump ‘Racist’ During SNL Monologue- What Did He Win?

By on November 8, 2015

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump boosted “Saturday Night Live” ratings by hosting last night and it was super beneficial for the four decade plus long running series. The comedy sketch show received a lot of backlash by inviting Trump on, with Sia as the musical performer but ratings are ratings. And why not have scandalous remarks made towards one of the more scandalous Presidential candidates? Larry David, who made a guest appearance as Bernie Sanders a few weeks back after the Democratic debates, made the bold choice to call Trump a ‘racist’ during his monologue.

Oh, c’mon…so many people were thinking it but did not have that kind of forum to say it. It started with three Donald Trumps on the SNL stage which is a few too many. We had the real Trump, Taran Killam as Trump and Daryl Hammond, known for his Bill Clinton impressions, also as Trump. As it turns out, a Hispanic advocacy group was offering five thousand dollars to anyone in the audience who screamed out “Trump’s a racist!” Larry David caught wind of this and clearly could not resist so, from the wings, he completed the challenge. Take a look:

Did Donald Trump know this would happen? Not so sure. Should he be surprised that it happened? Not really. Is it super awesome that it was Larry David doing the name-calling? Absolutely. David now walks away with the prestige and five grand. Deport Racism is the group that made the offer and after David won, they tweeted this: wins $5K “bounty” from for calling Trump RACIST on . Joke or not, it’s true.”

What do you think of what happened? I think that it just added spice to the show that many were skeptical of to begin with. This evened the playing field for Democrats and those who really did not want to see Donald Trump as the host. I thought it was a great move by SNL to have Trump on because it is all about controversy and ratings and they achieved that!

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