Limitless Recap: Arm-Aggedon 11/24/15

By on November 25, 2015
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On the last episode, Brian took Rebecca, Boyle, Mike, Ike and a handful of others and started his own taskforce to take down some of the FBI’s most wanted just for fun, and it worked out.

We open with Brian coming clean about NZT to his father, and the only detail he left out is Eddie’s existence. His dad is worried about him and wants him to get out of the FBI’s grip. He’s concerned Brian will end up in jail or worse. Brian takes the advice to heart.

A few years back, Doyle is overseas, apparently in the military. He and his squad go to take care of a bomb. Two years later, he and a friend, Aaron Shaw celebrate Boyle becoming an agent. His friend laments being a former soldier who can only get a retail job. Doyle says he’ll find his thing. Five years after that, the friend has a robotic arm and he shows it off to Doyle. He thanks Doyle for putting him into the testing to get the robotic arm. He wants to get a degree in teaching, too. Present day, the friend calls 911 to say that his wife is dead. ┬áThe next morning, Boyle gets a call from his friend, telling him what happened. Boyle enlists Brian’s help. They go have a talk with Aaron. Aaron admits that it was just them in the apartment and the robotic hand was ‘wrapped around Kristin’s throat.’ Brian questions his guilt, and Aaron insists that his robot hand did, not him. He tried to stop his arm from working. Brian’s intrigued.

Aaron knows it sounds crazy. Boyle wants to believe him, but he doesn’t know what to make of it. Aaron suggests someone hacked the arm. Brian and Boyle leave, and Boyle insists that he believes him but knows that no law enforcement agency will investigate Aaron’s theory because it’s so far-fetched. They go to the base of the company that built Aaron’s arm. They meet the front man, and upon seeing the gadgets, Brian’s convinced he’s met the real life “Q” of James Bond fame. The boss brings them to another prototype of Aaron’s arm. Brian toys with it while the boss and Boyle talk shop. The boss insists that there’s no one around could hack the arm’s system. Brian takes it as a challenge, and when they leave, he tells Boyle as much. Brian goes back to the office to learn how to hack and then get to work on the arm. That night, he finalizes his skills just as his father arrives to talk. His father has recruited someone to help Brian get out of the arrangement with the FBI. Brian’s hurt about his dad going against his wishes for secrecy. His father’s ready to take the whole thing to court. Brian tries to talk him out of it, but the decision is still up in the air. The next day, Brian goes back to the lab to announce he’s hacked his arm. The boss is livid, but is also just as impressed. He offers him a job on the spot, and Brian refuses.

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