Meri Brown of “Sister Wives” Fame Talks About Falling In Love Online and Catfishing

By on November 23, 2015

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Meri Brown has been through a lot over the past few years yet she has handled it like a champ. Or so it seemed. She welcomed fourth wife Robyn Brown (nee Sullivan) into her polygamist family with open arms on the hit TLC series “Sister Wives.” Meri was the only legal wife of Kody Brown who had spiritual unions with other wives Janelle and Christine, who had six children each. Robyn brought in three children from a previous marriage while Meri just had one child, Mariah as she battled fertility issues. The family eventually was forced to flee their home in Utah and move to Las Vegas where Robyn went on to give birth to her first child with Kody, a baby boy and is now expecting a baby girl. At the same time, Meri started the divorce proceedings from Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn. The reason for that was so Kody could adopt Robyn’s three children so they made it out to be a legal issue.


Behind closed doors, Meri was leading a secret double life, forming a relationship with a man that she met on the internet. The man went by the name of Sam and lured her into his web by being sweet and saying all the right things, as Meri shared on a tell-all special that aired on TLC: “He started saying all the right things. He started saying very flattering comments and expressing affection and love to me and I fell for it. I started to love who he was portraying himself to be.” She also notes that he acted as if he was going to take Meri away from her family: “This person pushed that on me.” Soon, Meri started to feel guilt and confided in Robyn about what was going on: “I just knew I had to. I knew I couldn’t keep doing that. They would ruin my life. That was said to me many times. I believe that’s what the goal was to break up this family.”

Robyn had known that her sister wife was hiding something but had no idea what it was. Meri confessed after she learned that the person behind Sam was actually a middle-aged woman and that she had been catfished. When Kody found out about what was going on, his reaction seemed less than natural: “What I see is somebody she made friends with, somebody she felt safe with, but she was just having a communication.” Or maybe she was searching for something outside of the house that had changed so dramatically in the twenty plus years she had been with Kody. What do you think? Would Meri have left Kody or do you think that she would have stayed within the comforts of her family? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @haveuheard1.

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