Minority Recap 11/23/15 Season 1 Episode 9 “Memento Mori”

By on November 23, 2015
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Last week in Minority Report Lt. Blake discovers Dash’s secret. In a confusing and emotional day for Blake he contemplates what his next decision should be regarding Dash. His detective side wants to do the right thing and turn Dash in, but his human side does understand Vega’s point, that Dash has suffered enough from the PreCrime years.

In the end after stopping them the drug gang run by Tendo, and more importantly stopping Felix from making the poor decision to stop them on his own, Blake decides that Dash has good intentions and will continue to keep his secret.

Arthur is not pleased with Dash, finding out that Blake knows about them so this could lead to trouble in tonight’s episode. Arthur has already shown his involvement with gangs and he could make a drastic decision that could effect this effective working relationship between Dash, Vega, and Blake.

Arthur has already shown to be a character that has a major distrust in people, due to being forced as a essential slave under PreCrime. He tends to see the bad in people, while Dash tends to see the good in people. It can ironic they are twin brothers but have such opposite personalities. Agatha the older sister is in between, as she sees both good and bad in people. At first she did not like Vega, but after seeing her in action and saving their lives on Fiddler’s Neck, Agatha gained some trust and respect for Vega.

Tonight episode “Memento Mori” will most likely be about the mysterious plot that may effect D.C. With cryptic messages and codes being found by the DIA, the Metro P.D is tasked to discover any leads. The ending last week with the bearded man retrieving a book with the hidden Memento Mori will leave Dash, Vega, Blake and the rest of the team on a important mission to stop the potential catastrophe heading to D.C.


Arthur spies on DIA who is trying to make PreCogs again so they can stop Memento Mori. He sees agent Blomfield and Senator Reynolds looking over a facility, constructing the new milk baths. Blake talks to Vega at her house, they are with Dash and Akeela. They question how long they should do this because someone will find out. While talking, Dash has a vision of a woman dying during a public speech to pass Steven’s law. Vega realizes it is going to be a murder of U.S. Senator Senator Ellen Meizhou-Shi who is trying to pass Steven’s law.

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