Minority Report 11/30/15 Season 1 Episode 10 “Everybody Runs”

By on November 30, 2015
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Minority Report’s season 1 finale will air tonight at 9 pm ET on Fox. Last week we discovered the man who is planning the mysterious “Memento Mori” plot.

Dr. Lionel Gray is a highly educated and prestigious in his past research work. When Vega interrogates him, he reveals that the Memento Mori plot is meant to stop world leaders from allowing genetic modification on humans, such as Senator Ellen who’s running to pass Stevens Law. Gray claims he will be saving humanity by planning to kill anyone who favors it, and he set an example by almost killing Senator Ellen, who is in a coma.

This scenario has many ethical and societal consequences for both Dr. Gray and the Metro PD. They may view Dr. Gray as crazy, but he does have the most expert knowledge on the science behind genetic modification. On the otherside Dr. Gray’s Memento Mori plot is too anarchistic and deadly as he is willing to kill others.

Vega and the Metro P.D. team will have to search deep to find what Gray’s next actions are. They were barely able to save Senator Ellen from Dash’s vision, as there is no timetable for her recovery. With not much leads they may have to do the unthinkable, the one thing that Agatha and Arthur have been warning. The milk bath.

Agent Blomfield is close to discovering about the location of the PreCogs, and with what is possibly at stake, Vega and Blake may make the decision for the milk bath to be in effect for the PreCogs. As much as they need to find the potential upcoming victims in Memento Mori, the brutal effects of PreCrime still cause pain to Agatha, Arthur, and Dash.

In tonight’s episode, if they decide to go through with it and go back into the milk bath, then there needs to be assurance that it will only be a one time thing. Will the team be able to stop Memento Mori?

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