Minority Report Recap 11/16/15 Season 1 Episode 8 “The American Dream”

By on November 16, 2015
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After a week break, Minority Report will pick up with episode 8 tonight. In the last episode, everything stopped for Arthur and Vega when Dash went missing and taken in as a hostage from mob boss Luca Vanzant. After Dash was able to use his ability and connection with Arthur, they successfully saved him. However, many things unexpected and possibly alarming information was discovered about Arthur.

Even though Arthur has been working as a real estate agent, he uses it as a cover for his dealing with the mob. In the end of last week’s episode he was able to escape dying from the number one mob boss Vanzant in D.C., by working with his enemies in China who accuse Vanzant of stealing money.

Flashbacks have been an regular occurrence in this series, and there was a interesting story shown of the Arthur, Dash, and Agatha. When they were released from PreCrime, the government wanted their identities to be classified and unknown to the public so they could avoid getting punished for any of their wrongdoing.

The three were thrown out to the world, with little resources and knowledge of culture, social skills, and modern information. The tragic ending at the bar they settled at, with the bartender Arthur may had a romantic interest in, definitely made them realize that Fiddler’s Neck Island would be the best place to stay.

That even may have been the reason why Arthur has a distrust for getting too close to people, and why he disapproved Vega and Dash working together so much in the beginning. For tonight’s episode Dash and Vega are faced with distrust from the community when they follow a vision to the Southside. Blake’s suspicions about Dash being a PreCog intensify.


Flashback of Wally, 2 years into PreCrime. He is helping Dash who is seeing a upcoming murder. Father and Mother are eating dinner with their son Guillermo. Father is abusive to the mother and drinks excessively. He becomes angry and gets physical. Before anything happens the police come in and arrest the father, who is Dante Blake. He is arrested for a future death of his wife.

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