Minority Report Recap 11/2/15 Season 1 Episode 7 “Honor Among Thieves”

By on November 2, 2015
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Last week in Minority Report we learned about the infamous island that the PreCogs were sent to, and where Agatha still remains, Fiddler’s Island. For Vega, coming to the island in order to solve the upcoming murder that Agatha visioned was risky. However, the trust Dash has for Vega is strong and paid off as they stopped a murder and much more chaos from happening on Fiddler’s Island.

She’s not supposed to know the truth behind the PreCogs in the first place and going to the Island could have been detrimental. However, it was nice to see her go and end up solving a major discovery of the Guard’s plot to takeover the land of Brian’s family. Of course she wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for the help of Dash, Arthur, and for a first time Agatha.

There was tension between Agatha and Vega throughout the episode. It wasn’t surprising as Agatha truly believes her vision of them in the milk bath. Vega promises that she will not turn them in to the police and help restart a PreCrime program.

There is no question Vega cares for Dash, and it would be tragic if she is the reason that Dash, Arthur, and Agatha are sent back to the milk bath. I don’t think she’s going to tell anyone, but there is a chance that she is forced or by accident reveals their information.bWith the upcoming investigation on the D.C. Hawkeye program, and a focus on why detective Vega has solved so much crime, that could cause the true discovery of Dash, Arthur, and Agatha.

In a preview for tonight’s episode things don’t go as planned when Dash tries to investigate a murder on his own, forcing Vega to seek Arthur’s help; personal details of the past are revealed.


A flashback shows the PreCogs right after being release from the milk bath. Dash, Arthur, and Agatha are trying to regain daily movements after PreCrime ending. The people in charge of the Metro PD at the time, decide not to give them new identities. They are put out to survive on their own, without any help.

In the present Dash and Vega are going to stop murder at 9:42 pm from a earlier vision but it is too late, the person has died. A van is clearing murder. Dash wants to go help but Vega says it is too late. Dash goes to Arthur to find a name, but Arthur says he can’t save everyone. As Dash leaves, Arthur tells his associate Dash won’t be a problem.

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