Patrick Dempsey and Wife Jillian Are Attempting to Work Things Out After Separating

By on November 14, 2015
'patrick dempsey last episode of grey's anatomy'

'patrick dempsey last episode of grey's anatomy'

Patrick Dempsey is no longer on the prowl. He and estranged wife Jillian are seemingly trying to make their marriage work just shy of a year after they decide to part ways. A source spoke with People Magazine about the couple and said that the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star and his wife are “working on their relationship.” Their split came as just as big of shock as did the death of Dempsey’s Grey’s character of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd. Fans were in a rage after his character was killed off of the hit ABC show at the end of season eleven, one season after they lost Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang, when she departed at the end of season ten. Many fans said that they were boycotting the show and any show that its creator Shonda Rhimes was involved with. That includes “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” It seems that the show still has yet to recover as they search to find someone to complete Ellen Pompeo’s character of Dr. Meredith Grey like Derek and Cristina did. Maybe Patrick and Jillian are realizing that they complete each other and that is why they are giving it another shot.

Right now, Patrick is overseas, accompanying his wife as she is touring as Jennifer Lawrence’s make-up artist, a pretty awesome gig if you ask me. The couple have been married for over fifteen years and are the parents to three children: Tallula, 13 as well as twins Sullivan and Darby, 8. According to a source back when the couple filed for divorce, this was not something unexpected. They had been having their share of arguments for a while but held it together. No word on whether they will retract their divorce filing much like Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom but we can only wish them the best. Right now, it is a great time to be together as Jillian is working on one of the biggest stars in the world and Patrick seems to have a lot of free time since he left Grey’s. For some reason, I remember a rumor that Patrick had been unfaithful to Jillian but I could be wrong. Do you think that they will get back together or are they dunzo? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @haveuheard1.

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