The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 11/15/15- Season 8, Ep.2- Duking It Out

By on November 15, 2015
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“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” never fails to bring the drama and make viewers say “what the heck?” That was pretty much what I said during the season eight premiere last Sunday about pretty much everything. You can keep up with the new season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” right here.

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Peter is in hot water with the women and wife Cynthia. It looks like he may be doing bad things when he is away at the new Bar One in Charlotte as a video was put on Instagram of Peter flirting with another woman. He claimed that it was a longtime friend whom he had no romantic interest in but the damage was done. The women, such as Phaedra and Porsha, were already talking about this suspicious video. When he arrived home, he had Cynthia to contend with and she was so embarrassed and humiliated by the video, regardless of what was really happening between he and the woman. She also has her eyewear launch to deal with and this just puts a black cloud over the hard work that she has put into her new product, one that she is having a huge party for and she knows that people will be whispering about, even if she tries to shut them down.

Phaedra claims that she is finally ready to file for divorce from Apollo, who is still in jail and that the boys get to talk to him when they want to. Todd, Kandi’s husband, tells another tale. He alleges that Phaedra has made it super hard for Apollo to even be in communication with his kids as he is housing some of Apollo’s bikes and equipment. This has divided Phaedra and Kandi because it is believed that if you side with Apollo then you are against Phaedra as well and vice versa. That may or may not be the case but I can see why there would be a problem from a girl’s perspective. Phaedra also owes Todd money for a video she made that was never released. Porsha has a young boyfriend in his early twenties and plays football and though they have intense chemistry, she feels that she has some training to do with him due to his age.

Finally, Kandi is pregnant via IVF and they are hoping for a boy because both she and Todd have one daughter each. Kandi makes it known that if they have another girl, they will most likely try for a boy. I am surprised that after all the drama and conflict that they had that they even went this far too have a child. On top of that, Kenya has a new home that she is showing to Cynthia and they pass Chateau Sheree and it is gorgeous whereas Kenya’s home…eek. We left off at the eyewear launch party and things were not going well with Kenya and Sheree.

Tonight, Kenya seeks advice from actress-director (and new cast member) Kim Fields about her TV pilot. Elsewhere, Cynthia struggles with a red-faced viral-video matter and  Porsha introduces her new boyfriend at a surprise party while Kandi tries to mend her friendship with Phaedra.

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