Scandal Recap 11/5/15- Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance

By on November 5, 2015
'olivia and fitz scandal season 5 ep 3'
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“Scandal” is making waves with the release of Olivia’s father per an agreement with Mellie. This is not going to bode well for anyone in her life or even surrounding her or the people she loves. You can keep up with this season of “Scandal” right here.

'olivia and fitz scandal season 5 ep 3'

Last week we saw Olivia play the runaway bride and opt out of a shotgun wedding with Fitz. She realized this is not the life she wants or desires for the next four years. Her father tells her that if she can get him released from prison he can make all the bad stuff around Fitz and the trial go away. We saw she is meeting up with Mellie and her engagement ring was returned to Fitz. Mellie does not want Olivia’s dad to be released, I do not think that anyone does and Mellie knew him under an alias. He killed jurors, her son, this is a hot mess but Mellie does get the job done and now she wants Olivia to help her become the President of the United States.

On Scandal “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance,” Fitz works on his comeback with the American public and uncovers something shocking in the process. Meanwhile, Olivia focuses on hiding her personal secrets instead of tending to a new client and Elizabeth North develops a new agenda.

Fitz addresses the American people for the first time since after the impeachment hearings. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness. At the private celebration inside the White House, Cyrus lets the president know that Rowan has escaped from prison. Olivia appears shaken by the news, but the look on Abby’s face indicates that she may realize this is an act.

Jake lets Olivia know that even though Rowan killed Elise, he holds her responsible. Jake gives Olivia a jaw dropping speech telling her he believes that she has become her father’s greatest achievement. Olivia has become the power-hungry, entitled, dangerous woman he raised her to be. Olivia orders Jake to leave. He does, but not before giving Olivia a gentle kiss on the lips.

Someone else who lets Olivia know that she is power hungry is Cyrus when he tells her he realizes that Olivia is calling the shots with the president. He’s surprised to learn that the search for Rowan has been called off. Fitz has decided to go another route. He has asked Jake to hunt down his girlfriend’s father and put a bullet in his head.

Abby escorts future Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Frank Holland through the White House. This man’s book gave Abby the courage to ask for help to leave her husband. Back at the OPA offices, new client Hannah Taylor wants Olivia to let the president to know she was raped a couple of years ago. Her attacker: Frank Holland.

Holland claims that Hannah Taylor came to his house when she was a student of his after he had concerns she plagiarized someone else’s work. The plagiarism charge is actually true, but it doesn’t mean the rape didn’t occur. It wasn’t just with Hannah either, we learn with the help of the gladiators that Holland drugged and raped many other aspiring writers. Olivia discovers Holland was using his wife’s medication to drug the victims and his wife was aware of what was going on. Mrs. Holland vows to do whatever it takes to preserve her husband’s legacy. This has Olivia rounding up all the women the famed author raped. They interrupt a public reading to expose him for the true monster that he is.

Keep reading to see what happens.

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