The Voice 2015 Season 9 Spoilers Knockout Round 3 – 11/2/15 – Who Won – Who Went Home?

By on November 2, 2015
'the voice recap 9/29/15'
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The Voice Season 9 continues with the third and final knockout round tonight, November 2, 2015.

'the voice recap 9/29/15'

Not only do we have who will be competing against whom but we also have the winners of the knockout round.

Unfortunately, the spoilers have come by the process of elimination via iTunes, since only the winners’ songs have been uploaded, making it obvious which contestants were sent home. We have the complete spoilers below, including the matchups.

Tonight we will see seven contestants face off:

To find out who won the knockout rounds, you are going to have to go to the next page. In the meantime, below you can see who faced off.

Team Adam Levine:

James Dupré vs Shelby Brown

Team Blake Shelton

Chris Crump vs Zach Seabaugh
Emily Ann Roberts vs Nadjah Nicole

Team Gwen Stefani:

Jeffery Austin vs Kota Wade
Regina Love vs Riley Biederer

Team Pharrell Williams:

Evan McKeel vs Tim Atlas
Mark Hood vs Siahna Im

We have The Voice Top 20 for Season 9

The Voice Knockout Round 1

The Voice Knockout Round 2

The results for the knockout rounds can be found on the next page.

And the details with the judges comments from The Voice Knockout round 3 is right here.

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