The Walking Dead Recap 11/1/15- Season 6, Ep.4- Here’s Not Here- Is Glenn Really Dead?

By on November 1, 2015
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“The Walking Dead” left fans and even those who have just heard of the hit show wondering if the franchise would really kill off a central character like Glenn. Since last Sunday’s pivotal episode, there have been so many conspiracy theories as to what really happened to the fan favorite and if he really is, in fact, dead. If you missed it, never fear; you can keep up with season six of “The Walking Dead” right here. 

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Rick is trapped in an RV, trying to find some sort of way to save Alexandria as handsome Daryl Dixon is on his infamous motorcycle. The idea is to lead the pack of walkers to a point where, I guess they can all be executed. No one is safe and as Rick learned, the Wolves and the walkers know where he can be found. Daryl makes an executive decision to speed up because this guy is a risk taker. Michonne is back, trying to keep her group safe and instilling the idea that they are all in this together. She reminds Heath that what Rick and Daryl say is basically gospel and they will follow their instructions.

Soon, Glenn and Nicholas find themselves ambushed by walkers and it looks like there is no way out. That is until Nicholas puts a gun to his head and kills himself as somewhat of a tribute and to pay it forward, hoping the walkers can prey on him for awhile until Glenn is okay. We then flash to Glenn on the ground, blood and grossness everywhere, while he screams and walkers feed. It seems as though they have just killed off a central character, actually two, at the same time and fans were mad. Twitter went crazy with people saying that they were done with the show and then rage turned into plot points. In the after show, “The Talking Dead,” it was revealed that this was not the last that we have seen of Glenn.

Many believe that what we saw was Glenn sliding under the dumpster next to he and Nicholas and it was Nicholas who was being eaten but because he was on top of Glenn, it was hard to tell them apart. Tonight, the show starts at 9p.m. and will run for an hour and a half to tie up these loose ends. So, what do you think? Do you think Glenn is dead? You have all day to let us know and we will try to respond to as many comments as we can. You can also tweet us @haveuheard1.

Keep reading to see who survived and who is dunzo!

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