The Walking Dead Recap 11/29/15- Season 6, Ep. 8- Mid-Season Finale- Start To Finish

By on November 29, 2015
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“The Walking Dead” has reached the halfway point of season six and that can only mean one thing…a cliffhanger! What will happen tonight? You can keep up with this season of “The Walking Dead” here.

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Okay so we finally have our answer about Glenn: he’s alive! Yes, he survived Nicholas shooting himself then getting eaten as he went underneath the dumpster and stayed there until it was safe to come out. By┬áthen, he had run out of water and Enid, who had hopped the wall, was able to give him as much water as he needed. He has taken on a father figure role despite the fact that Enid does not want anyone taking care of her but it just shows what a great father he will be when he learns that Maggie is pregnant. Maggie has been waiting for a sign from Glenn as she knows inside that he has not left her for good. On the walk back to Alexandria, Glenn and Enid killed as many walkers that came in their way. Nothing was stopping them.

No one quite knows what happened with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha but we do know that Carol has become very suspicious of Morgan. She knows that he is hiding someone in his home or Eastman’s home rather and wants to know why he needed a doctor to come to the home. She drops her kids off with Jessie and heads on her way. Jessie’s son is slightly nervous about coming downstairs as he knows what is going on outside of the house. It’s not a good situation anymore because the walkers are coming and they need to act as fast as they possibly can. Towards the end, Enid blew up green balloons and she along with Glenn walk back to Alexandria. That is when Maggie sees her sign and knows that her man is safe and she can have a happy family. Kind of.

Tonight, it is the mid-season finale and anything can happen as Alexandria is in danger. There will be no more new episodes for 2015 but when it returns, we will start to head to the finale where a new villain is introduced.

Keep reading to see what happens.

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