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By on November 8, 2015
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“The Walking Dead” answered a lot of questions last week. Unfortunately, there was nothing about Glenn and the actor’s name was even removed from the opening credits. It was informational but what about Glenn? You can keep up with season six of “The Walking Dead” right here.


There was no Daryl Dixon, no Rick Grimes, no Michonne, no Glenn…just the backstory of Morgan. An on/off character for the past few seasons, he is finally a regular in season six. The episode was all about how Morgan became zen and one with himself, stopped killing for sport. We meet Eastman, a psychiatrist who locks Morgan up in a cage/cell and tends to his pet goat Tabitha. He also kills off walkers but he is kind enough to open their wallets and find their names to give them a proper burial. He feeds Morgan though Morgan just wants to die. He has no interest in Eastman or Tabitha but they soon exchange backstories. Morgan was not always a killer for the kill; his wife and child were killed and that changed his blood to cold.

Eastman was brought in to help out by the state to aid prisoners, one of them who went on to murder his entire family. It nearly broke Eastman but he learned a calming form of martial arts and went on to teach that to Morgan. He also was desperate to make amazing goat cheese from Tabitha but kept failing. He tells Morgan that they are going on a mission and that he needs supplies and fortunately, Morgan has them all back at his camp. They return and a walker comes along but it was actually the body of an innocent man that Morgan had killed prior to meeting Eastman. He could not hurt him again so Eastman did it, yet his mantra was that every life was precious. In the kill, he was bitten. He knew he would die so he leaves his land to Morgan and tells him that he will kill himself.

So much more went on so you should definitely check out the recap, if only to understand that anyone can go from bad to good. Tonight, the producers have said that we will learn more about Glenn’s fate towards the end of the episode. Let us know what you think and how excited you are!

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