General Hospital Recap for January 4 to January 8

By on January 11, 2016

This week in Port Charles…Scrubs get their happy ending; Dante and Lulu drift further apart while Sam and Jason grow closer; and trouble is brewing with little Jake.

Franco and Nina burst into their apartment, ready to tear each other’s clothes off when they hear a discrete cough from the other side of the couch. Kiki pops up and makes a quick exit. Franco is ready to head to the bedroom, but is confused when Nina heads to the kitchen. Nina admits she fears having sex will ruin their relationship. Franco convinces her otherwise and they hit the sheets. Afterwards the grin on Nina’s face confirms that having sex was the best decision they could have made.

Dante bumps into Morgan at the docks. He confesses he is going to the party on the Haunted Star, hoping to see Lulu. Morgan thinks that is a bad idea, but he is one to talk. He is contemplating skipping his meds. Kiki arrives, ready to party on the Haunted Star, but ends up having a heart-to-heart with Morgan instead. Morgan promises to continue to taking his meds and Kiki vows to pull herself together in 2016. They leave to get a bite to eat at a diner.

Ellie and Spinelli enter the Floating Rib just in time to see Sam and Jason almost kiss. Jason leaves abruptly when he gets an urgent phone call from Elizabeth. Ellie and Spinelli pounce on Sam, asking her about Jason. Sam says things are fine, but frets that the Jason she loves is no longer there. Both Spinelli and Ellie remind her that what she loves about Jason (his instincts, his kindness, etc.) are obviously apparent in this new Jason.

Jason arrives at Elizabeth’s to find her talking with the police while Cameron and Aidan are asleep upstairs. Little Jake is sitting on the couch, scared. Apparently he saw something outside of the window, thought it was a man or someone and freaked out. He made Elizabeth call the police. After the cops leave, Jake is comforted by his dad and refuses to let him leave.

Lulu is kissing Johnny in a stateroom in the Haunted Star, but she pulls away. She is confused. Johnny reminds Lulu that Dante cheated on her. Dante knocks on the door, hoping to talk to Lulu. However, he looks around the room and realizes Lulu is there with someone. He glares at her and stomps out. Lulu calls Dante a hypocrite, but she also knows something changed between her and Dante. She orders Johnny to take care of Valerie ASAP!

The next morning Elizabeth notices Jason sleeping restlessly on the couch. He calls out and she leans over to check on him. Jason wakes up, startled and grabs Elizabeth’s arm. Quickly he apologizes and gets ready to leave. Elizabeth assures him that she can take care of the kids; she’s been doing it on her own for years, but she thanks him anyway for coming over last night. Jason suggests they share custody of Jake, which upsets Elizabeth. He assures her that he doesn’t want to take him away, but wants to make sure he is protected.

Alexis, Julian, Kristina, Sam, and Molly are having a rather tense “family” breakfast at Kelly’s where Anna overhears them talking about Alexis’s engagement to Julian. Anna confronts him, reminding him of his role in Duke’s death, which puts a damper on the already sour gathering. When Alexis gets a phone call from the realtor who thinks Sam’s place is for sale, Julian offers to head to the penthouse to stop the open house. Meanwhile Molly announces she wants to move into the dorms and that she will never ever have sex because it ruins all relationships. Alexis urges her to reconsider, but definitely to wait until she is older while Sam accuses Molly of wanting to move into the dorms to punish Alexis. Alexis assures her daughters that she knows dorm living is part of college life.

Julian arrives at Sam’s penthouse to stop any potential offers. However, when Paul stops by, Julian offers to put a good word in with Sam if Paul gets Anna to leave Julian alone. Paul agrees. Later Sam arrives to relieve Julian of his duties. Alone she stares at the place mournfully—until Jason appears. Jason explains he is looking for a place to live, saw this address and didn’t realize it was Sam’s place until he walked inside. He also reveals he had a memory of Robin stopping him from murdering Sam and Patrick as well as a memory of putting a necklace on Sam’s neck. Sam assures him that memory is true; she admits she wants him to remember his life so that he can feel whole again. Jason worries about losing who he is now, but after talking with Robin, he has some perspective on his past.

Paul stops by Jordan’s office looking for Anna. Jordan reminds Paul that she is not his secretary, to which Paul smirks. Later Anna arrives. When she learns that the morgue guy who had proof that Carlos is alive went on family leave (courtesy of Paul), she reveals that Carlos is alive—and someone within the police department is helping him.

At the hospital Patrick tells Robin about the offer in Berkley for a new chief of surgery. Robin says her old college roommate moved there and loves it. Great place to raise a family! Robin heads to Dr. Obrecht’s office to ask for her job back, but gets nothing but insults in return. Dr. O offers Robin a job with a huge pay cut, to which Robin’s reply is “Stuff it!” Later Robin has a nice reunion with Sonny. She and Patrick have a quick consult about their careers and tell Sonny that they are moving!

Meanwhile Michael tells Sonny that Sabrina’s baby is not his. Sabrina is rushed to the hospital with Felix. She is having Braxton Hicks! Michael wants to comfort her, but holds himself back. He admits to his dad that he could love Sabrina’s baby like his own, but it’s the lies between him and Sabrina that makes him hesitate.

Olivia barges into Alexis’s home with a huge holiday gift for Julian: a frame portrait of her, Julian and Leo. Alexis gasps in horror as Olivia proceeds to hang it in the foyer for everyone to see. Julian excuses himself when he gets a call from the Crimson office, leaving Olivia to huff and puff over Julian not telling her that he and Alexis are engaged. Alexis makes it very clear that Julian will always consult her when it involves Leo, but not when it concerns her.

At Crimson Nina and Maxie pop champagne as they eagerly wait for Dillon to arrive with office copies of their first Crimson issue. Dillon pries the box open, but pauses. Maxie peers inside and drops her flute. The magazines are green! The file must have been corrupted! Nina calls Julian, who suggests they cancel the issue. As he leaves, he smiles to himself, leading us to wonder if he corrupted the file intentionally. Nina gets a better idea. Let’s release the magazines as is! This will definitely put them on the map! Maxie and Dillon reluctantly agree.

Elizabeth brings Jake to work with her. A cop arrives to talk to her, giving Franco the opportunity to sit with Jake and talk with him. He gives Jake a pad of paper and crayons and is disturbed when the boy draws picture after picture of demonic houses. Meanwhile a cop assures Elizabeth that there wasn’t a lurker outside of her house and they are keeping an eye on the neighborhood for her. Later she takes Jake to Kelly’s, but changes her mind when she sees Sam eating with Jason.

Anna and Jordan are at Kelly’s discussing the possible mole in the police department when Andre arrives. Anna introduces them, but Jordan reveals he was her date on New Year’s Eve. They have a nice lunch date which ends with a hot kiss. Meanwhile Anna gets a call from Robin, asking her to come over.

What’s the big news? Robin and Patrick announce to Emma that they are moving. A fresh start for their family and new jobs for Mommy and Daddy! Emma quickly warms up to the idea, but Anna is heartbroken. Robin just came back! When Robin and Patrick admit they are leaving tomorrow, Emma stands her ground. They need to get married in Port Charles or her name isn’t Emma Scorpio-Drake!

The next day Laura finds Tracy at the Metro Court to ask if she has heard from Luke. Laura would like to tell him about Helena’s death. Tracy shakes her head; she thought of telling Luke as well, but she has no idea where to find him. Laura acknowledges that it must be hard to talk about Luke, but it’s great that Tracy has moved on with Paul. Tracy scoffs; Paul is a low-life opportunist.

Hayden arrives at GH to spring Nikolas. She has some bad news: ELQ has been served by Michael. If Jason cooperates and wants his shares back, Michael will get control of ELQ again. Hayden hints that Nikolas needs to tell the truth about Jason pushing him off of the terrace, but Nikolas has other ideas. He calls Jason to ask him to meet him at the hospital.

Tracy calls Hayden to talk strategy at the Metro Court. She doesn’t like Hayden getting too close to Nikolas, to which Hayden angrily responds that it’s none of Tracy’s business. In order to gain Nikolas’ trust, she has to romance him. Tracy reminds Hayden that she works for her, but Hayden declares that Tracy has nothing over her. Tracy smirks. Au contraire. She knows that Hayden Barnes is an alias and that Hayden was mixed up in a huge scandal that would ruin her current life if anyone were to learn about it. Tracy gives Hayden one month to get ELQ back—or else!

Laura stops by the hospital worries that Hayden is again up to something. She urges Nikolas to let both Hayden and ELQ go, and to start fresh, but Nikolas refuses to listen.

The Drake house is decked out with white chairs and candles. Emma, Patrick, and Robin are dressed up/ Maxie arrives in full wedding planner mode, but she forgets key elements such as rings (they use their old ones that Felicia kept for them), a minister (luckily Mac had the foresight to get ordained via the Internet that morning), and a cake (Carly picked up a Bon Voyage cake from Kelly’s, citing that wedding cakes from Kelly’s are bad luck—look at her own wedding!) In addition to family (Anna, Robert, Mac, Felicia and Maxie), close friends arrive (Elizabeth, Jason, Sonny, and Carly). They are surprised it’s a wedding. Luckily they dressed up! Mac marries Robin and Patrick in a sweet ceremony where they promise to make Emma’s new life in California as special as her life in Port Charles and Robin especially promises to never leave again. After they cut the cake, Robin has tender moments with her guests, most notably Jason. She even gives Carly credit for being a good influence on Sonny and Jason! Wow. Patrick and Anna share an emotional farewell as well as Patrick and Elizabeth. Anna gives Emma a plane ticket to visit and we wonder why Maxie and Robin didn’t get their moment together. Robin seems to have had one with everyone in the room. As Robert and Anna bid Emma goodbye, Robin looks around and ois flooded with memories of her life with Patrick. Finally, she takes their hands and they walk out, together, happy and into the sunset. Scrubs finally got their happily ever after.

Elizabeth returns home from the Scrubs wedding to relax on the couch. Her grandma Audrey has the boys for the rest of the day. Suddenly she hears a bang. She sits up, scared and calls out. Laura and Jake appear, apologizing for scaring her. Jake wanted to come home, so Laura picked him up. Elizabeth sends Jake upstairs, but not before the boy drops big plot anvils such as “I feel better when you and Daddy are around” and tries to eavesdrop from the stairs. Elizabeth catches him and reminds him how uncool that is. Laura once again recommends therapy for Jake, but Elizabeth can only think about Jake’s absence—how it’s affecting her and the boys and how it’s a matter of time before Jason returns to Sam. Laura doesn’t contradict Elizabeth, only that Elizabeth is strong and will get through this.

Jason arrives in Nikolas’ hospital room where Nikolas threatens to toss him in jail unless he gets the Quartermaines to drop their lawsuit. Jason refuses; he brings up Emily, wondering if Emily would like to see this side of Nikolas. Nikolas becomes uncomfortable and proceeds to call the police. Hayden enters to see this and has an idea. She thinks she and Nikolas should get married!

Dante sees Maxie and Dillon working on Crimson stuff. He accuses Dillon of sleeping with Lulu on New Year’s Eve. Dillon wasn’t with Lulu, but he knows who might have been. He leaves Maxie in the lurch and heads to the Haunted Star, where Johnny has just presented Lulu with flowers to cheer her up. Johnny hides as Dillon confronts Lulu. Lulu assures Dillon that she wasn’t with Johnny or anyone—and that Dante jumped to the wrong conclusions. Later after Dillon leaves, Johnny comes out of hiding, only to get caught by Maxie!

Valerie is at the station where she learns she practically bombed her first exam at the academy. She frets to Dante that she is going to get kicked out. Dante says she can take a make-up and offers to help her, but Valerie needs time and space away from him. Dante tries to talk to her about Lulu (boneheaded move), but Valerie stops him. Being around him isn’t good for her! Finally, Valerie makes a smart decision!

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