Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 Episode 12 1/12/2016 “Damnatio Memoriae”

By on January 12, 2016

Hey Teen Wolf starts in a not totally confusing way! Only two episodes down and already it is more promising than the first half of the season. Latin and heartwarming moments to follow. Hayden and her sister are on their way to a nice simple police call. Of course it isn’t, but it sure feels that way in comparison to most openers in this show.

While Hayden’s deputy sister Clarke is investigating the inside of a seemingly abandoned building, Liam finds Hayden alone in the car. Their reunion is short-lived due to Hayden’s coldness towards Liam. She thinks that he left her for dead. The heartbreak of young love. Got to stop that leaving your girlfriend for dead, stuff, kids.

Exit, pursued by a bear. Almost. Breaking out of the building is a huge monster creature referred to multiple times as The Last Chimera. It is the ultimate fighting machine and it chases the kids through the woods. Hayden is way better at jumping over gaping ravines than Liam but both survive the plummet to the ground. Even as they lose the Chimera, their relationship is not repaired. She tells Liam news he does not want to hear. Theo saved her life after Liam left her. Her allegiance is clear.

Papa Stilinski is still in the hospital and gives Stiles heartwarming advice. He knows his son killed someone. Though in self-defense, Stiles is still struggling with it and it is ruining all of his relationships. Papa Stilinski is the most supportive father of an attempted murderer there ever was. For Stiles to reconcile the guilt he feels, his father tells him he needs to save someone.  As well as forgiving himself, Stiles needs to forgive Scott. Which the entire audience also needs.

Scott attempts to bring in Malia for help, but she refuses. She has bigger proverbial fish to fry. She and Braeden (yes, Braeden!) interrogate someone to find her mother, The Desert Wolf. The chase is on.

While Liam and Mason discover that Theo is resurrecting the dead chimeras to build his own pack, Hayden and Theo have a less than subtle altercation. Theo does not like any of the choices that Hayden is making. When someone says “I definitely don’t want this to sound like a warning” it’s going to. It proves to only push Hayden back into Liam’s arms.

Stiles and Scott are reunited! And it feels so good. It still does not lessen the anxiety of Scott’s gaping chest wound that will not heal. But it’s getting there. They go investigate the scene of the crime where the Last Chimera was. Scott’s powers continue to fail and Stiles helps him. Beautiful bonding ensues.  They discover an ominous scrawl on the floor in Latin – just in time for Theo and his pack arrive. They inform Scott that they are on the same side now that the evil Chimera is out to hunt them. For whatever reason.

Stiles truly returns to form. The Latin inscription on the floor reading “Damnatio Memoriae.” It means “condemnation of memory.” It involves the Dread Doctors who have created the new Chimera. Except that it’s not new. It’s old. A new creature was not created. They resurrected an old one. Scott wants to bring the band back together to fight the Chimera. Though reluctant, Stiles cannot deny that is the move to make. Now if only Derek would come back.

Meanwhile, Lydia is on a vision quest with fellow dead banshee Meredith in her subconscious in Eichen House. Meredith offers to help Lydia wake up. Finally someone is going to teach Lydia how to use her powers! It has been 84 years. This storyline needs to move on.

The coda concludes with characters the audience has not seen for a long time. Gerard Argent, Scott’s dead love’s grandfather is alive! He was in Beacon Hills the entire time! Chris finds him in a dingy motel and gives him a white plant and Gerard stuffs it in his face. Chris’ intention is to heal the duplicitous and arguably evil Gerard so he can help Scott. Gerard is a proverbial bestiary. He tells Chris that the Chimera exists only to extinguish life. It has no other purpose.

Finally Kira and her mother return. They are in the desert looking for skinwalkers. They are dusty looking beautiful amazons. It’s about to get good. (One would hope.)

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