Teen Wolf Recap Season Five Episode 12 “Codominance” 1/19/2016

By on January 23, 2016

Teen Wolf picks up right where it left off with Kira fighting a bunch of dusty beautiful women in the desert. Though it’s unclear why Kira is fighting these cool amazon desert ladies, it’s more exciting than this show has been in seasons. These ladies are offering to help Kira to control her kitsune side but if she doesn’t pass the test, she’ll become one of them. A Skinwalker. Hopefully the rules of how Skinwalkers work will become more clear. But knowing Teen Wolf, probably not.

Scott has been tipped off that Kira is in trouble. Even though he and Stiles are high school students and have so many other responsibilities, he and Stiles are ready to come to her rescue. Liam pays them a visit at Scott’s house and despite Scott’s apprehension of Liam, they are wearing matching shirts. They are pack brothers and must be reunited soon. Liam wants to help but it is Scott’s turn to be cold. Liam did try to kill him after all. Stiles and Scott pile into the jeep and head off.

On the road they discuss the Dread Doctors who have resurrected a beast in the body of an unknown teenager. This beast was so bad that it was removed from any known record. This was something originally put into practice by the Romans, known as damnatio memoriae.

One major theme of the episode is how Theo’s new formed pack is so loyal to him because he saved their lives. Even though Liam and Hayden made out last episode, the reality of their issues is finally brought up.

Kira’s battle to fight the kitsune within her of course takes place at night. She fights shadowy assailants with her sword but every time she strikes one with her sword, she receives the same wound. She is only able to defeat them with her wild kitsune side. It overcomes her and defeats her attackers.

The bonding road trip between Stiles and Scott comes to a head. Stiles finally tells Scott what really happened when he defended himself and killed someone. Of course Scott, the precious soul that he is, completely understands. Scott and Stiles continue to be the stuff that makes romantic dramas. This show knows what it is.

Malia continues to search for her mother the Desert Wolf. She goes through Deacon’s office when Theo finds her. She tries to beat him to a pulp, but he offers to help using the Dread Doctors. Their weird tension for the whole season is finally admitted, even if it makes little sense.

Kira comes out and tells her mother that she won. But using her powers to win the battle didn’t actually mean that she passed the test. In fact, the Skinwalkers emerge to inform her that her use of the kitsune means that she must remain with them forever. She has no control over the kitsune and cannot be allowed to leave.

This entire episode Noshiko has been preparing Kira for the eventuality that she must become a Skinwalker. Kira feels betrayed but her mother told her she would do what was necessary to make sure Kira stayed alive. She put on a good front. But when it finally comes down to it, Noshiko makes her decision. She can’t let her daughter disappear after all. She helps Kira fight so they can escape. Stiles comes at just the right moment and rescues the kitsunes. The car is sacrificed but luckily Stiles has his unreliable jeep. Kira and Scott are reunited but it is bittersweet. They are together again but nothing is solved. Kira is still dangerous and has no answers on her wild kitsune half.

Theo’s plan becomes slightly clearer, but not by much. He is looking for an alpha. Though he should be one since her united this pack, he still isn’t. That unfortunately means bringing back the one alpha that has a grudge against Scott. Deucalion. Teen Wolf has been aware of their flaws and are finally bringing back the gang from earlier seasons. This could really be solved by bringing Derek back, but Deucalion will have to do.

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