Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 Episode 15 2/2/2016 “Amplification”

By on February 3, 2016

After a week, the pack is still planning on rescuing Lydia from Eichen House. Only now some disturbing imagery has come to light.

Valick, the doctor in the asylum, has experimented on supernatural creatures in the past. Lydia is in even more danger than they thought. Drilling holes in supernatural creatures’ heads to amplify their powers. This is happening to Lydia but would also kill her. Her dying scream would kill everyone around her as well.

The goal of the episode is very clear. The pack was already motivated to rescue Lydia, but her impending death puts a ticking clock on their time frame. They have a plan in place but even they are not entirely optimistic that this will work out. This si the most realistic thing about Teen Wolf. A couple of seventeen year olds are probably not the best at planning a prison break.

Their strategy involves entering Eichen House on what appears to be a tour. Why would anyone tour a mental institution like it’s a prestigious college campus? Beacon Hills, that’s why. Luckily for Kira and Malia who are trying to break into the electrical room with no plan, the orderly is lured away by a naked patient.

Scott, Liam, and Stiles sneak into Eichen House in body bags by Parrish. Why do bodies need to be shipped to an insane asylum? Is it the only morgue in town? Probably not because Scott and Stiles literally spend all of their waking hours in the morgue of the Beacon Hills hospital.

They make it down to the lower levels to find Lydia while Kira causes a brown out using her kitsune electrical powers. This means the system will reboot and they will have time to break into Lydia’s cage. Scott and Liam can’t break into the cage because of the mountain ash. It is likened to wolfsbane and keeps out supernatural creatures.

Liam, who has a winning combination of werewolfism and anger issues, is able to break down the cage door. After the door is open only Stiles can go through. There is always an upside to having a human on the team. Stiles is of course the only one that ever could and ever will be able to save Lydia. She and Stiles have been established as each other’s tether since several seasons back. They have a bond that has never truly been defined, but doesn’t need to be. Stiles gets there too late. They have already drilled into Lydia’s head. Stiles refuses to leave Lydia. She begs him to go or he and everyone else will die.

Unfortunately the reoccurring theme of the season is the chimera pack showing up and ruining everything. They can make it through the gate since they are genetic chimeras and are impervious to mountain ash. But how can Parrish? He is a hellhound but has no problem walking through the gate.

Lydia’s mother’s name is finally revealed in this episode and then repeated about fifty times. But finally Natalie Martin wakes up and realizes something is wrong with people drilling holes into her daughter’s head.

Even as Natalie finally arrives to her daughter’s aid and Scott’s pack fight to get to her, this episode all in all is fruitless. All their hard work goes unnoticed since Lydia is just spirited away. Valick claims that he wants to use her powers for good but drilling holes into people’s heads is not totally convincing. Lydia especially finds no comfort in this episode. She is still trapped along with the rest of the pack. Moral of the episode: teenagers do not plan successful prison breaks.

Good luck next week, kids.

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