Agents of SHIELD Recap Season Three Episode 18 “Singularity” 4/26/2016

By on April 29, 2016

After three years, the one thing that Agents of SHIELD ever had going for it has finally been accomplished. So much angst and false starts have gotten in Fitzsimmons way but they finally consummated their relationship. It’s all downhill from here.

SHIELD is getting things back up and running after SkyeDaisy caused an earthquake during her departure. SHIELD has done tests and realize that SkyeDaisy was the only one infected by HiveWard. May takes the team in the jet and they escape the base. They are going after Alisha, the Inhuman that can copy herself to save her from HiveWard and Dr. Radcliffe, someone who might be able to find a cure for the parasite.

ICErs don’t work on those infected by HiveWard. When the paraistes infect the host, it floods the pleasure center with dopamine. SkyeDaisy might as well be addicted to HiveWard. It does not intend war, but does want to take the planet back from humans.

Fitzsimmons track down Dr Radcliffe, a transhuman. People who upgrade themselves using technology. They will go undercover in a black-market to try and find him. Fitzsimmons dress up and go to the secret, classy transhuman club.

Dr. Radcliffe’s personal assistant leads them through a part of the club that was not in the schematics. Dr. Radcliffe will buy the technology Fitzsimmons are peddling but only after he sees the surgery properly done first. Fitzsimmons agree to do the surgery. Simmons is about to but a sedative in the patient’s eye when she realizes it’s a prosthetic. The patient reveals himself to be Dr. Radcliffe. He replaced his eye with an avian one.

Lincoln wants to join Coulson and May to go after Alisha, but Coulson will only let him if he wears a vest filled with explosives. Coulson will detonate it if HiveWard infects Lincoln. Even May is dubious about this plan. The more Coulson is in control, the more he seems to be turning to the darkside.

Lincoln intercepts Alisha. She says she hasn’t seen HiveWard but she attacks Lincoln. Lincoln and May fight two copies of Alisha. She wants Lincoln to join them. He threatens her, his powers becoming more volatile. If she doesn’t tell him what he wanted to know, he will torture her. Alisha kills a copy of herself and Coulson kills that copy. The original Alisha was with HiveWard  the entire time.

Coulson and May go to James’ trailer to find that its deserted. The know that something was taken from there. They realize that the trailer is about to explode and take cover. Coulon decides to take Lincoln out of the field until Fitzsimmons finds a cure for the parasite.

SkyeDaisy visits James, the potential Inhuman who she stole the Kree artifact from. There is a missing piece to the artifact, which James knew about. SkyeDaisy throws the crystal down, starting James’ transformation into an Inhuman. When he breaks out of his husk he has a power. Everything he touches explodes. HiveWard infects him and brings him into the fold. James tells them that he buried the missing artifact under his house. It is the only thing that could destroy HiveWard.

HiveWard and SkyeDaisy discover Fitzsimmons while they are trying to convince Dr. Radcliffe to save SkyeDaisy. HiveWard and SkyeDaisy only arrive to warn them to stay out of their way. This entire episode led up to Fitzsimmons being comfortable with each other, but that was never their problem. Nevertheless, it is welcome.

In coordination with Talbott, SHIELD takes out Hydra cells all over. Talbott says “the Head is cut” and May rightly says “just like that.” If it were that easy, wouldn’t SHIELD have done that two seasons ago? It does seem too easy, just like Fitzsimmons. A SHIELD member is still slated to die. It stands to reason that Hydra isn’t really gone. After all, when one head is cut off, another just grows back in its place.

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