Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 17 “The Team” 4/19/2016

By on April 22, 2016

Two seasons ago, the now deceased character of Raina suggested to Grant Ward that and and Skye could be monsters together. Now Ward is dead and Skye isn’t called SKye anymore, but it looks like that might be coming true on Agents of SHIELD. While not exactly what the audience had and mind, and it looks like the writers may have changed their minds along the way, but this is the most exciting thing to happen for a season and a half.

SkyeDaisy gathers the team of Secret Warriors after last episode’s debacle with the plane. And by team, it is only two people Joey and Yo-Yo. The SHIELD plane is still under siege. May has been wounded as the rest of the team barricade themselves in a locker. Fitz rigs a gas bomb and feeds it towards their assilants. Yo-Yo comes to rescue them and meets her future husband Mack again. The last time these two saw each other, they struggled with the language barrier. Now Mack can speak almost fluent Spanish.

Lincoln comes across Malick and brings him back tot he cargo. This seems like it might be a victory for SHIELD, but HiveWard suggests that he is just a mole that was planned this entire time. While in the struggle to keep Malick on board, the Inhuman who can paralyze people with his eyes is killed. Fitzsimmons investigates the dead Inhuman. When they find that his body temperature is still in the nineties, he is quarantined.

Coulson interrogates Malick. He warns Coulson that HiveWard will turn everyone to his side with his sway. Coulson becomes paranoid and locks down the base. Yo-Yo and Joey are not allowed to leave along with the rest of the Inhumans are not allowed to leave. Coulson comes to the conclusion that HiveWard can infect Inhumans and ‘sway’ them to his side with mind control. Coulson convinces Malick to join them and tell him everything he knows about HiveWard. Malick is motivated after the death of his daughter to do anything he can.

Simmons opens the dead Inhuman’s brain, revealing an infection in his brain. It is the work of HiveWard. This is how he controls Inhumans and brings them to his side.While Fitzsimmons are walking past Malick’s room they find that he is dead and there is an explosive next to his body a moment too late. It detonates. Fitzsimmons are unharmed but Coulson notes that the explosive was most likely detonated to cover up the cause of death. Coulson has decided to quarantine to Inhumans. SkyeDaisy and the Inhumans barricade themselves in a room while SHIELD turns on them. The Inhumans start to turn on each other in turn, thinking that any one of them could be infected by HiveWard.

SkyeDaisy makes the decision to break out of the base with the rest of the Inhumans. She takes them down a supposed secret passageway to get out, only to lead them into containment where Coulson is waiting for them. Mack found the Kree artifact in Lincoln’s locker and Coulson assumes that he is the one that is infected. Lincoln maintains his innocence and attacks. SkyeDaisy takes him out with her powers.

Lincoln is imprisoned and the Secret Warriors are disbanded. He is kept prisoner in a room that looks nicer than most people’s dorm rooms. This should not be a total hardship for him, even if he is under suspicion for aligning himself with Hydra. The one shining light in these tragic circumstances is the culmination of Fitz and Simmons. There really was no reason for them not to be together at this point, and their kiss is welcome.

SkyeDaisy visits Lincoln in quarantine, though they are separated by a window. Lincoln catches on very quickly that SkyeDaisy may not be on the up and up. Flashabcks reveal that she was the one that was infected by HiveWard – the first time that Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennet have acted together in almost a year. Another welcome throwback to the good old days. SkyeDaisy was the one that killed Malick. His vision of his death came true. It was at the hands of HiveWard, but SkyeDaisy was the one that carried out the order. She killed him with her tremor powers.

SkyeDaisy wants to run away with Lincoln but after he catches on to what she has done, he refuses. SkyeDaisy leaves, stealing the terrigen crystals and causes the base to have an earthquake.

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