Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 21 “Absolution” 5/17/2016

By on May 18, 2016

It has been a few days since SkyeDaisy returned from HiveWard’s thrall. As projected, the consequences of Civil War have no real effect on the current storyline, and probably will not in the near future. SkyeDaisy has a self-imposed exile in one of the cells at the SHIELD base. She has not forgiven herself for the pain she has caused, nor does she want to. She has given the SHIELD team all pertinent information that she is aware of.

HiveWard plans to detonate a warhead that will create a mass army of Primitives, disfigured Inhumans that he can control with his sway. Mack, Lincon, Elena, and May head to a missile silo, hoping to catch HiveWard before he detonates the warhead. Before HiveWard can detonate the warhead, Fitz enters in a missile launch kill code. HiveWard has to find another way to create his army. He understands that there is a SHIELD team at the premises and goes after them. He finds Lincoln who leads him into a trap. Mack and Elena scramble his brain so all the memories of his past hosts overwhelm him. Including Ward.

Dr. Radcliffe was tasked to find a way to override the kill code, even though he is not a rocket scientist. May finds them and fights the Primitives, attempting to get to the warhead before James and HiveWard’s other lackies can. While she is fighting them, Radcliffe fires off a shot, killing a Primitive. He wants to go with SHIELD. However, they are too late to get to the warhead. James gets to it first. SHIELD makes their escape into the plane, taking Radcliffe with them.

Right as they are about to leave, HiveWard finds them. They trap him in a containment box, suspending his consciousness in a coma. SkyeDaisy hears that the team brought HiveWard back to the base. She isn’t convinced that holding him in stasis will stop him.

Coulson locks down the base at the most inopportune moment. Fitz realizes a moment too late as he is in the hanger deck that there is a problem. An explosion goes off, releasing the gas that makes the Primitives. He is trapped because of the lockdown, forced to watch as SHIELD agents are turned into monsters.

Jemma opens the doors allowing Fitz to escape even though Coulson can’t do it himself. This is explained in a vague way that is not satisfying. Unfortunately someone thought it was a good idea to leave the box encasing HiveWard in the exposed hanger area, now where all the primitives are trapped.

SkyeDaisy sees this on the monitor in her room for some reason. If she were a true prisoner, they probably wouldn’t equip her with technology for her to see outside, as well as technology that allows her to escape.

HiveWard heads to the Zephyr and SkyeDaisy is able to enter the module that delivers her to the plane. Locking an agent in a cell that has the ability to transport her to a plane is probably not the best idea.

But SkyeDaisy isn’t there to destroy HiveWard like it seemed she wanted to for the entire episode. Instead, she asks HiveWard to take her back.

This is the closest that Skye and Ward have been for two seasons. Now that Hive’s memories are scrambled, he is more like Ward than ever before. Skye is broken like when the team first met. If that isn’t true love, then who knows what is.

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