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Mentioned on CBS Television Show, The Talk

Long Island Press – Fortune52.com

Rated One of the Top 7 Celebrity Blogs by All Woman Stalk

Quoted in NY Times

Interviewed Ben from Ready for Love

Celebrities We Have Interviewed

Celebrities We Have Met

        • Jamie Foxx
        • David Cook
        • Al Roker
        • Rosie O’Donnell
        • Lauren Conrad
        • Martha Stewart
        • Rachel Ray
        • Jill Zarin
        • Kathy Griffin
        • Susie Orman
        • Mariska Hargitay
        • Alyssa Milano
        • Angie Harmon
        • Jamie Lynn Siegler
        • Rachel Zoe
        • Christina Ricci
        • Naya Rivera
        • Kevin McHale
        • Heidi Klum
        • Sarah Jessica Parker

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