Agents of SHIELD Recap Season 3 Episode 12 “The Inside Man”

By on March 15, 2016

This episode is all about things that do not appear to be what they are. There are several twists about allegiances throughout the episode. But even more so is a look into the parasite that has taken over Ward’s dead corpse. Let’s get to it.

Talbot has become the new head of the ATCU. In the past season he has been a friendly antagonist to Coulson but it looks like they might be on the same side for now. There is a Symposium on the Alien Contagion in Taiwan. This was created to decide the fate of the new supposed threat of the Inhumans. Inhumans are not allowed to attend because humans find them too threatening. This is a clear allegory for current tensions in America.

Lincoln is becoming a more permanent fixture of the show and is joining May to be a glorified bodyguard. He is a less interesting Ward. You know what would have been cool? If Ward was just turned into an Inhuman and the same things could have been accomplished with a more interesting character. Lincoln is a bland goodie who offers nothing but SkyeDaisy’s new love interest. Ward had internal conflict with the added benefit of being Skye’s love interest. What could have been.

While Lincoln and May are tailing Coulson, they find that Creel from season two has resurfaced, an Inhuman with indestructible powers. Thinking that Creel is an assassin, Lincoln almost kills him. It turns out that he is actually Talbot’s new bodyguard.

SHIELD takes him in temporarily so FitzSimmons can study him. Creel was the only human who came in contact with a human obelisk and survived. He should have been killed. FitzSimmons have him contained and want to study him.

“I believe everyone deserves a second chance,” Coulson says in reference to Creel. Hilarious. As if Grant Ward never existed. Coulson allows Creel to join the team even though he killed all off Hunter’s friends and countless others. This seems like a double standard. The show would just rather the audience forget about Ward’s poorly implemented character development.

Creel is going to the symposium to protect Coulson’s team in case of an attack. He doesn’t violate the rules of no Inhumans at the gathering. Coulson plans to root out a Hydra mole at the symposium in Taiwan.

The field agents infiltrate the rooms of the symposium diplomats. King, the Australian diplomat who has anti-Inhuman sympathies seems to be the most obvious suspect. But of course Hunter is the one who is supposed to be in her room. He sees Creel leave his post and goes after him. Bobbi has to get into King’s room to finish his mission. King has an Inhuman locked up for military experiments. Hunter finds the imprisoned Inhuman just in time for Creel catch him and knock him out.

While Coulson is in the meeting with the diplomats, Talbot outs him for spying in front of everyone. Coulson is shocked by this betrayal until Malick arrives. He accuses Coulson of being the leader of Hydra. Talbot was the insider the entire time. But only because Malick kidnapped Talbot’s Inhuman son.

Instead of honoring his deal with Talbot, Malick throws him in a cage with Coulson. He orders his men to kill them and leaves. Obviously this is not going to happen. You don’t throw guys in jail when you can just kill them yourself. Talbot came prepared. He brought Creel along knowing that Malick wouldn’t let him out alive. Creel comes in and dispatches the Hydra agents, breaking Coulson and Talbot out of their cage.

Coulson helps Talbot rescue his son. Unlikely friendship!

Meanwhile at the base, there is a bunch of SkyeDaisy and Lincoln scenes that have no real bearing on the plot whatsoever. They act like they are concerned about the symposium, but it’s all an act just to get sexy.

SkyeDaisy and Lincoln are playing the exact role that Ward and Skye played in season one. SkyeDaisy is Lincoln’s defacto SO, teaching him to spar. This is just a less sexy version of season one. Skye and Ward had tension while SkyeDaisy and Lincoln have to pretend they do by being on top of each other. Chemistry goes a long way and these two do not have it.

FitzSimmons have been doing tests and discover that Creel’s blood is an antidote to being Inhuman.

The Inhuman Hive is still recovering inside his new host. Hey remember that time Coulson straight up murdered Ward with no remorse? That was when Hive took over Ward’s body and absorbed all this memories. Malick brings in the Inhuman from last week who paralyzed the team to see if HiveWard can recruit him. He tries paralyzing HiveWard to no avail.

Malick suggests Hive should vacate Ward’s body since it doesn’t seem to be improving. It still looks emaciated. Hive refuses. He is unable to take over the body of fellow Inhumans, which is sure to come into play later.

HiveWard asks to be brought five humans. He eviscerates them and basically looks like he bathed in their placenta. The show is once again graced with the presence of Brett Dalton’s body, even if it is bathed in gross goo. The last five seconds are by far superior to the entire episode. Brett Dalton shines no matter what horrible storyline he’s given. And it looks like the rest of the season will be no different.

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