Agents of SHIELD Recap Season 3 Episode 22 “Ascension” 5/18/2016

By on May 21, 2016

SkyeDaisy has spent most of her life in pain and now all she wants HiveWard to do is make it stop. But when Lash took away the sway, he also made SkyeDaisy impervious to it. If it wasn’t clear that Agents of SHIELD had ruined any and all potential for these characters, it sure is now. Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennet have the best chemistry on the show. Even with one touch to her face, Hive and Daisy are clearly connected in a profound way hat most of the characters are not. By making her impervious, it seems that this show is just on borrowed time at this point. Separating these actors is the worst thing this show could do for itself, especially since there has been a decline in ratings.

This SHIELD base sure has a lot of issues with those hanger doors. SkyeDaisy is locked inside, battling her soulmate/arch nemesis. Just a few episodes ago, she had disabled the doors and now they are damaged again, making for another easy plot device to stall the episode. SkyeDaisy and HiveWard are stuck in the hanger with only one thing to do. Fight each other. This is something that brings back to the first episode of the entire show. They had a clear dynamic from the beginning and Ward was the one who was first tasked with training Skye. The two of them fighting is an obvious choice to make, but it lacks any emotional resonance. If they were still called by their original names and had any semblance of their former selves, this would be an emotional scene. Agents of SHIELD has gotten talented at pushing forward with plot and leaving all of the character work they accomplished in season one behind. This is the only way the writers could conceive to get these actors in the same room together. Even Dalton’s delivery of his lines are monotonous now. He is phoning it in at this point.

James and Guyera arrive in the plane to rescue HiveWard and continue their plan of Absolution. They decide to take SkyeDaisy with them to guarantee the SHIELD agents won’t gun them down. HiveWard uses the memories of Ward to take the plane and fly it out of the base. They ascend the plane, planning to detonate the warhead and transform most of Europe into Primitives. They will drop to safety in the containment module to avoid behind blown up. Unbeknownst to them, however, they have stowaways. May and Fitz have snuck on board.

Meanwhile, the Primitives who used to be SHIELD agents swarm the base. While the team tries to escape, one Primitive fires a machine gun at Mack. Elena uses her powers and takes the bullet instead. The team takes her into the workshop and locks to door behind them. Elena is bleeding out and the only tool they have to save her is a blowtorch. Mack cauterizes her wound.

Separated from the group, Jemma understands that the Primitives have poor eyesight and must be seeing in Infrared. She cranks up the furnace making everything so hot that it blinds them.

On the Zephyr, May and Fitz try and break SkyeDaisy out of the containment module. Guyera appears and tries to shoot them. Fitz has an invisible gun. Invisible gun. Yes. Fitz kills him. In a world where the audience accepts that an invasion of aliens destroyed New York City, an invisible gun shouldn’t be so hard to grasp. And yet, it just causes you to roll your eyes. This show relies so heavily on kitschy plot devices it becomes hard to swallow everything.

Coulson summons a QuinJet and docks it to the Zephyr. SkyeDaisy finds a cross on her pocket and realizes that her premonition is about to come true. The team sneaks on board. James finds Lincoln and they fight. Lincoln zaps him, but not before James plants his power bomb on him. It explodes. He survives, but SkyeDaisy can’t live with her guilt. She knows that Coulson is planning to fly the QuinJet with the warhead into space so it can detonate safely. But SkyeDaisy plans to be the one on it. Primitives descend on the team and SkyeDaisy makes her way to the warhead. She loads it onto the QuinJet. HiveWard follows her.

It is poetic, as HiveWard says. It seems that they were always meant to die together. Except Lincoln screws it up. He sneaks on board, shorting the manual controls. He shocks SkyeDaisy, knocking her back into the Zephyr and flies the QuinJet into space with HiveWard on it. The jet explodes and SkyeDaisy loses the two men she loved at one point or another, with no closure and seemingly no point to it at all.

Six months later Skye has disappeared. SHIELD has been following her wake of destruction. Skye escapes.

The end.

The most anti-climactic of an ending. No build up. Not clear goal. Not anything. With the departure of Brett Dalton, is there really a reason to keep watching this show?


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