Agents of SHIELD Recap Season Three Episode 19 “Failed Experiments” 5/3/2016

By on May 3, 2016

For weeks Agents of SHIELD has been teasing the death of a SHIELD agent. As though this is anything new. Deaths happen all the time, especially on this show. Remember Tripp, anyone? And even though this episode has a tagline of Fallen Agent, no agent seems to fall. The prophecy that SkyeDaisy had about a dead SHIELD agent has yet to come to pass. Unless it is metaphorical, but if that is the case, SkyeDaisy was lost along ago.

The episode starts out with HiveWard explaining his genesis. He was born thousands of years ago in a primitive society. The alien Kree found him and did experiments on him. They used Kree blood to transform his DNA. They turned him into an Inhuman which the Kree now consider to be failed experiments. In present day, HiveWard is trying to recreate the same Kree experiments and transform the rest of the human population. But to do this, HiveWard’s blood is not enough. They need the original Kree blood.

Back at the SHIELD base, Coulson and Mack are trying to track SkyeDaisy. They are using her to target HiveWard and take him out. Mack is less concerned with HiveWard and more with getting his partner back. They find the specific location.

May goes to the bar where James is drinking. She plays dumb, wanting to get intel on where the main party is. He tells her about HiveWard’s diabolical plan to give humans cool powers. After he tells May HiveWard’s location she knocks him out with a single hit from a pool cue. It doesn’t take much, does it

SHIELD agents go to the location, but find something else entirely. HiveWard turned on the Kree artifact, which summoned Kree reapers to the town. They only want to destroy the Inhumans. SkyeDaisy is tasked with obtaining Kree DNA from one of the reapers. She has to take one down using her powers. She does and they start to drain the Kree of his blood when Mack finds her. Mack is so loyal to her that he is sure he can bring her back from being brainwashed. SkyeDaisy thinks that the only way to save him and rest of SHIELD is to turn them into Inhumans. Mack is not okay with this plan. He destroys the body of the Kree , eliminating their ability to use the blood in the experiment. This was her only hope so she attacks Mack. As she is about to go too far, May shoots SkyeDaisy. They rescue Mack and put him in a medieval pod, taking him back to the base.

Lincoln in still under house arrest and not allowed to help save SkyeDaisy in any way. His only option is to volunteer to test the anti-toxin on an Inhuman. This is to see if it is possible to bring an Inhuman back from the sway of HiveWard. He injects himself but collapses. After he wakes up, he is sickly. He is still a prisoner and Simmons tells him that the anti-toxin didn’t work.

HiveWard is disappointed that SkyeWard let Mack go. She promises that she is done with SHIELD. They have lost their body and Kree DNA. SkyeDaisy reminds him, and the audience, that she has Kree DNA in her. Back in season one, she was transfused with Kree blood to bring her back from the brink of death. This is when Agents of SHIELD is at its strongest. Season one was full of character development and difficult decisions. Now even Clark Gregg seems to be phoning it in. This call back to season one is the only thing that is still interesting about this show. Now if only the audience could muster up enough interest to care about this supposed death in the future.

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