Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 11 “Bouncing Back” 3/08/2016

By on March 9, 2016

It is a slow start to the latter half of the season, but Agents of SHIELD knows what works for it. That is Brett Dalton. No matter what role they put him in he always takes it graciously and shines. Ward is officially dead and his body is being used as a shell. It seemed like a mistake to take away the very entertaining and layered character of Ward. But maybe this isn’t the end for him. So goes the new episode of Agents of SHIELD.

After a shipment of guns has been stolen in Bogota, Skye/Daisy takes Joey of her Secret Warriors team to investigate. So far her super powered team only consists of three Inhumans. Recruiting more of them could go towards making the rest of the season interesting.

Hunter, Bobbi, and Mack are also at the scene, trying to figure out what happened. Back at the base, it’s getting chilly. There is an obvious distance between Fitz and Simmons. While they may have kissed before the hiatus, Will’s death may have proven to be consequential for their relationship. Even their friendship is overly formal.

Lincoln seems to really only exist for expositional value. He explains to Simmons that Inhumans were taught that their powers stem from the environment. They are all a balance and the powers they are gifted with are used to fill a gap in evolution and create equilibrium that was needed at the time. So they are basically X-Men. Not surprising since that franchise is owned by Fox and cannot be mentioned at all.

The group in Bogota thinks it’s a good idea to separate when there is an unnamed Inhuman running around. Mack comes across the woman who intercepted the guns earlier. He is not match for her ands he kidnaps him with her powers of super speed.

The Secret Warriors find Mack in the Inhuman’s apartment, Elena. She maintains that she wasn’t a criminal and wouldn’t use her gifts to sin since they were given to her from God.

They take her in the Secret Warriors pod to interrogate her. They learn that Elena didn’t steal the weapons to use them, but to get rid of them. Bobbi and Hunter intercept her cousin who is throwing the guns in the river. The police arrive who Elena calls “thieves in uniform.” Unfortunately they have an Inhuman on their side. He paralyzes Bobbi and Hunter and kills Elena’s cousin.

Elena helps rescue Bobbi and Hunter after what the police did to her cousin. They want to recruit her into the Secret Warriors, but she has greater conviction than them. She wants to stay at home and fight the system there and use her powers for good.

Coulson meets with the President in Rosalin’s apartment where Ward killed her. SHIELD still officially doesn’t exist. But privately the ATCU will be helping SHIELD and reporting to them. Coulson wants Malick to answer for his crimes, but of course that is difficult since he is a huge world leader. That is something this sci-fi show does that is true to life in America.

Coulson decides to find out where Malick is that he’s going to torture a college student to do it. He decides to put him in the TAHITI machine to extract his memories by force. While Warner technically was in Hydra, hijacking his brain probably goes towards more of the morally gray center. Coulson used to be about doing what was right. The contradiction is becoming annoying as well as confusing. He is becoming more like Hydra himself and using his personal tragedies to excuse what he’s doing. Just like Ward, the person he killed in cold blood.

Warner begs for them to kill him while caught in a memory, which should really put into perspective what they’re doing to him. It seems worth it to Coulson when they are able to find a way to contact Malick. For some reason Coulson thinks it’s a smart idea to tell him that he’s tracing the call. It might seem dramatic or a power play, but it’s not very smart when you’re trying to get to someone.

Malick is keeping the Artist Formally Known as Ward in an underground bunker in front of a constant stream of television. Coulson killed Ward but the Inhuman Maveth possessed his body.

Fitz and Simmons’ nondramatic conflict is solved very easily. They both agree to start again. This is not something that the fanbase wants. They have suffered for three years just so these two could kiss and now they are back to square one as friends. Very disappointing.

Both SHIELD and Hydra are accumulating Inhumans. It’s unclear where the seasons will go from here. Maveth Ward is recuperating. He looks emaciated but once he gains strengths, he will certainly become the main villain of the season. Again.

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