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Chicago Fire Recap 12/2/14 – Santa Bites

Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire starts with the deceased son’s father from the previous episode waiting for Mills as he arrives at work. He tells him he regrets his behavior and that he was upset. Mills tells the father that ……


Chicago Fire 11/25/14 – Arrest in Transit

This week’s episode of Chicago Fire opens with Severide and Brittany. They are jogging when Brittany’s receives a call from her mom, which she ignores. Severide questions this, and suggests that since he has Thanksgiving off, they go to Florida ……


Chicago Fire Recap 10/18/14 – Chopper

Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire opens with Chief Boden and his wife Donna attending a doctors appointment where they briefly disagree about finding out their baby’s gender. While they’re originally told the baby looks healthy, the doctor tells them she ……


Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Law and Order: SVU – a Three-Way Crossover

Who’s ready for a three-way?
That’s what Chicago Fire co-creator and Chicago P.D. developer Derek Haas tweeted upon announcing a major fall event: a three-way crossover between three different shows. It’s the first three-parter to take place with all three, ……


Chicago Fire Recap 10/28/14 – Madmen and Fools

On last week’s episode of Chicago Fire, Casey dealt with his sister’s impending divorce, meanwhile his own fiancée, Dawson, butted heads with Herrmann. Brett’s ex continued to try and push her to move back to Indiana, whom she firmly walked ……


Chicago Fire Recap 10/21/14 – The Nuclear Option

Last week, Dawson began a new chapter as Firehouse 51′s new candidate. Taking her place as paramedic, Mills started coming to terms with his future without Squad, and Severide battled some of his own demons while caught in the middle ……


Chicago Fire Recap 10/14/14 – Apologies Are Dangerous

Last week’s episode of Chicago Fire was centered on a major fire truck collision between Firehouse 51′s Truck 81 and the Austin firehouse’s Truck 66. The accident badly injured Austin’s Molina and nearly cost Mouch one of his eyes, causing ……


Chicago Fire Recap 10/7/14 – Just Drive The Truck – Who Was At Fault?

On last week’s episode of Chicago Fire, Kelly Severide returned to work at Firehouse 51 – still reeling from the loss of his best friend, Shay.  Meanwhile, Dawson counted down the days until her transfer into the candidate position at ……